Ranked #100 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Woman in the World in 2005, Roselyn Sanchez proves she has the whole package to the grab the attention of viewers. Sultry and exotic, she invigorates the crowd with her provocative presence. She is not only known as an outstanding model, but as a dramatic actress as well. Her continuous acquisition of endeavors, whether in film or on television, makes her an admirable celebrity viewers can’t get enough of. At present, she is part of the drama series Without a Trace.

Born on April 2, 1973 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Roselyn Sanchez studied at the University of Puerto Rico where she took up marketing. Eventually, she left school to pursue acting. She took some acting, dance and singing classes, and later landed a minor role in the film Captain Ron. Following this, she entered beauty pageants, winning the Miss Puerto Rico Petite contest, and gaining the international title of Miss America Petite. Her exposure in the limelight got her involved in modeling. She gained massive public attention as a dancer and co-host of the show “Que Vaxilon.” Shortly, she landed a spot on the show As the World Turns, as Pilar Domingo, which was her first English-speaking role ever. Her exposure on the CBS soap opera positively earned her numerous projects in the U.S. Her other acting credits included Rush Hour 2, Chasing Papi, Boat Trip, Underclassman, Edison and Shooting Gallery among others.

Sanchez plays Elena Delgado on the show Without a Trace. She depicts an agent who previously worked in the NYPD’s vice unit. As the latest addition to the team, she proves that she is smart, resourceful, and able to keep up with the rest of the squad. As one of the eye candies of the show, she gets the viewers hooked and addicted to the crime-drama program.

-Kris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Kris De Leon

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