These High School Musical stars are surely going places these days.  Vanessa Hudgens is getting Beastly, Corbin Bleu is living The Beautiful Life on the CW, and we’re pretty much aware of what Zac Efron has been busy with.  As for 24-year-old Ashley Tisdale, she’s hunting down Aliens in the Attic.

This July, the actress will be appearing on the film as the character Bethany Pearson, who finds space creatures in her family’s vacation house and tries to ward them off.  MTV News provided audiences with two clips of some of Tisdale’s scenes, which can be found below.

On the first clip, Ashley Tisdale and her co-stars are gearing up to save Earth from the invaders.  With her siblings, they take whatever’s on hand and try to make weapons out of them, hoping that the world won’t be destroyed by the aliens.

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As for the second clip, it looks as though the actress is getting all Sharpay on her Aliens in the Attic beau (Robert Hoffman).  She’s fighting off his affections, which are actually too much to handle.  The guy seems to give spacing out a whole new meaning.

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If Aliens in the Attic isn’t really your style, you can try to catch Ashley Tisdale on the new music video of the band Boys Like Girls.  She’ll be guest-starring on their single “Love Drunk,” which is also the title of their upcoming album.

“Actually, I’m a really big fan of Boys Like Girls,” Tisdale told MTV.  “I love their music.  It’s super exciting.  I’ve always dreamt about being in it.”

According to sources, she’ll be playing a girl flirting with the guys and ends up kissing one of them.  “I think it’s very the cute-girl, jeans-shorts kind of beachy-casual, but nice.  Those are the things we went through, I used to smoke out my eyes and be rocker, so for this I toned it down.”

Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson said of Ashley’s role: “We did this faux arcade set-up with the band as [carnival] guys.  She makes all the guys in the arcade fall for her and then it has a surprise ending.”

Don’t miss Ashley Tisdale on Aliens in the Attic as it premieres in theatres on July 31, and on the video “Love Drunk” later this year.

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Source: MTV News, Ace Showbiz
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