The fate of Heroes is still unknown but Jack Coleman proves that he’s a man with a plan. The 52-year-old actor, popularly known as Noah Bennet or HRG on the NBC science fiction drama, is keeping himself busy these days with his latest TV project entitled Rock the House, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie which will air in 2011.

Production is underway for Rock the House, which revolves around the strained relationship of a father and daughter, much like Coleman’s TV relationship with on-screen daughter Hayden Panettiere on Heroes. In this new movie, however, the father-daughter bond is repaired through the magic of rock n’ roll.

Heroes Actor Lands Spy Drama Series

According to the press release, Coleman plays lead character Dave Peterson, a career-driven lawyer who barely spends time with his teenage daughter, Karen (Cassi Thomson, Big Love). Dave’s work priorities has ultimately pushed his daughter to retreat into her journal or iPod but things change when he reconnects with his old high school band and realizes that making a living doesn’t have to mean missing out on family.

Heroes Still on the Bubble

Meanwhile, Heroes fans are still patiently waiting on news for the new season. But according to Spoiler TV, if and when the network decided to bring back the show for season 5, it’s possible that it will be a shorter season, just enough to wrap things up, or worst case, a DVD or TV movie conclusion, which is similar to what happened to Prison Break.

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV