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Are you sick and tired of The Company?  The infamous organization whose primary purpose is to identify, monitor and study those individuals with special abilities has played an integral part of the plot since the beginning of Heroes. As the science fiction drama heads to the fourth season, however, the Company might have to take the backseat as a new mysterious group surfaces. 

“The next season of Heroes has a lot of characters that are coming in,” Heroes star Hayden Panettierre told MTV News. “There’s something called The Carnival… which is kind of the opposite of what The Company was. There’s a lot of new, cool characters.”

It really does sound like the new season of Heroes will bear a passing resemblance to HBO’s Carnivale, the 24-episode series that revolved around the lives to two disparate groups of people while depicting the battle between good and evil, and the struggle between free will and destiny. There have already been casting breakdowns in Hollywood that would further support this idea, including a 20 something actress that would play a love interest for one of the main characters in season 4. The said character must be hearing impaired and will be introduced in the fourth episode.  There’s also “a middle-aged Eddie Izzard type to play the Carnival Barker, a smooth operator with a wicked wit. This character, I hear, will start small and grow.” And lastly, the series is searching for “its own Ellen Page to play Claire’s [Hayden Panettiere] quirky college roommate, and a stalwart — think Andre Braugher — for the role of Matt’s [Greg Grunberg] partner… and mentor.”

Of course, we already know that Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper, Ray Park of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, The L Word‘s Deanne Bray and Californication‘s Madeline Zuma will fill in some of those roles.

Heroes returns on Monday, September 21.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News
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Kris De Leon

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