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Word on the street is that Heroes might head for yet another soapy turn when it returns for its fourth season. As reported previously, four new faces will surface on the show, including Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper, Ray Park of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, The L Word‘s Deanne Bray and Californication‘s Madeline Zuma. The new batch of actors who will attempt to perk up the series has certainly left most fans optimistic for the Redemption volume. But will fans still stick around when Heroes starts brewing a lesbian plot?

According to IGN, Claire (Hayden Panettiere) may become involved in some girl-on-girl action this season. This speculation comes on the heels of the Hollywood Reporter‘s latest casting news for the NBC science fiction drama. Evidently, Claire has got herself yet another roommate besides Madeline Zima’s character Gretchen. Days of our Lives actress Rachel Melvin, who is known for her role as Chelsea Brady, has been tapped to guest star and potentially recur on Heroes next season as the character Annie, who will also “share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire.”

As expected, this “and maybe more” phrase has intrigued fans of whether of not Heroes is concocting a lesbian storyline.  Of course, fans will have to wait and see when Heroes returns for its fourth season on NBC.

Meanwhile, Panettiere is busy promoting her new movie, I Love You, Beth Cooper, which hits theaters July 10. The Heroes actress plays a cheerleader, as usual, in a story that revolves around a high-school’s geeky valedictorian as he proclaims his love for the most popular girl in school during his graduation speech.

“You know what? I just find myself playing [cheerleaders] for some reason and sometimes they’re not even characters that are like ‘cheerleaderesque’. They’re just cheerleaders,” Panettiere told Teen Hollywood.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter, IGN,, Teen Hollywood
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