At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con it was nearly impossible to get into the Heroes panel, which featured creator Tim Kring and many of the show’s stars.  People waited in line hours to see a sneak peek at season 2, only to be turned away at the door when the room reached full capacity.  After a mediocre second season that resulted in a ratings drop, it’s likely that the Heroes gathering at this year’s Comic-Con will at least be a little easier to get into.  For the 2008 panel, Kring is hoping to ignite fan fervor by offering a glimpse at the third season premiere.  In fact, fans lucky enough to make it to San Diego might to get to see the first episode of the “Villains” chapter in its entirety.

Though the Heroes panel at Comic-Con takes place in just a few weeks on July 26, Kring still doesn’t know if the full season premiere will be available to screen at that time.  The series creator recently told TV Guide, “We’re still not sure whether it’s going to be a whole episode or not.  We’re still shooting, and we may not be able to get an entire episode.”

Regardless of whether fans get to see the entire episode or mere snippets, Kring promises “to give fans their money’s worth” for being loyal to the series.  One bonus may be a glimpse at the season 2 DVD extras.  “Obviously the Holy Grail of any DVD is some extra footage that was never seen before,” Kring points out.  “We were really able to put that together because of the strike.”

No matter what sneak peek of the new season is unveiled in San Diego, there are no plans to release it on to the Internet afterwards.  However, fans can get an idea of what “Villains” will be about by watching this new trailer that recently premiered on NBC:

The third season of Heroes premieres with a two-hour episode on September 22.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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