In most cases, intriguing hints about upcoming television plotlines come to us courtesy of the actors.  Writers for the biggest hits on the tube are usually evasive and secretive about upcoming events, while the actors have a tendency to be loose-lipped and possibly spill more than they should.  Such was the case when Heroes actor Adrian Pasdar recently made an appearance at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.  We haven’t heard much from series creator Tim Kring regarding season 3, but Pasdar dropped a bombshell about what the next year holds for his character.

WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers about next season of Heroes.

When we last saw Nathan Petrelli, he was bleeding to death on the floor after nearly revealing his superpowers to the world.  It was the second season finale in a row that left Nathan on the verge of death, but if his exploding brother couldn’t wipe him out, would a few bullets really do the trick?  Heroes fans have been left to ponder his fate since the show wrapped up last year.

While attending the popular comic book convention, Pasdar let it slip that he will be returning for the third season of the series.  He also hinted that the dynamic between the Petrelli family will be front and center next year.  It seems like Nathan and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) will be working together in an attempt to rescue their mother from the dark side.  After a disappointing second season that often kept the brothers apart, it’ll be refreshing to see them working together for the greater good once again.

The actor also talked about what really may have happened when those shots rang out in the second season finale.  He mentioned that “the clues were all there for what really happened,” and hinted that Nathan may have been wearing a bulletproof vest.  He also teased that the character may have either known the attack was coming, or possibly planned it himself.

Pasdar also mentioned that he’ll share plenty of scenes with Claire (Hayden Panettiere) in season 3, and that his role as her father will be more important than ever.

Unfortunately for Heroes fans, they’ll have to wait months until the next season kicks off.  It’s not likely to return until September, but at least they can pass the time without worrying about Nathan Petrelli.

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