Heroes Reborn picks up five years after the events of the Heroes Season 4 finale with an episode of the same title, “Brave New World.” When we last visited this world, Claire Bennett revealed the truth about her abilities letting everyone in on the secret that some people had abilities. 

The following four years brought a peaceful coexistence between people without powers and those with powers called EVOs. That peace ended in Odessa on June 13th when a terrorist bomb killed many during a rally at Primatech. The story picks up a year after the attack with EVOs are being targeted, captured and killed.

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Brave New World

EVOs are being targeted across the globe and are struggling to create a resistance to protect their kind. In Chicago, a group of EVOs meet in secret in the hopes of working together to protect themselves.

High school student, Tommy Clarke, shows up and finds one of his teachers there, Coach Lewis. Tommy wants help in controlling his power, but finds no help from the others. He leaves when he gets a text message and it’s just in time to save his life.

Luke and Joanne Collins infiltrate the group to kill the EVOs and burn the building down. Joanne wants to find Tommy and take care of him, but her husband isn’t sure. The attack on the EVOs and the fire is blames on the terrorist which upsets Joanne. Luke believes it’s not a coincidence that their actions are being pinned on someone else.

It’s a brave new world where EVOs are constantly under threat.

Noah Bennett/HRG

After the Odessa attack, Noah Bennett ceased to exist when he became Ted Barnes, an engaged car salesman. He doesn’t remember what happened on June 13th, but knows his daughter died that day.

Noah spots someone stalking him at home and then at home. He confronts the man and finds out he’s Quentin Frady, a conspiracy theorist regarding the June 13th attack. Quentin wants answers about the June 13th attack and believes Noah has the answers since he worked at Primatech.

Quentin knows that Mohinder Suresh was a patsy for the attacks and is convinced Noah has information about that day which no one else has. Noah wants Frady to leave, but the police arrest his stalker first. 

Noah’s curiosity gets the best of him and he goes through his belongings and finds a card for Lumiere Ophthalmology and heads there for answers. The receptionist pulls a gun on Noah when he asks too many questions until Rene, the Haitian, emerges to save Noah.

The Haitian meets Noah in private and returns the horn-rimmed glasses he left the last time they saw each other. Noah puts them on and the Haitian tries to strangle him. Noah fights back and Rene gets shot in the struggle. Rene breaks the news to Noah that he asked to be killed if he showed up again. They had a plan and that included taking Noah’s memories for a specific reason.

When Noah goes back, the entire office and Rene are cleaned up and gone.

Tommy Clarke 

Tommy returns home from Chicago and gets bullied at school by Emily’s boyfriend, Brad, even though she befriends him and asks him to work at Moe’s. When he shows up for his job interview, Tommy notices Luke at the ice cream shop and demands answers about the fire.

When Joanne shows up, she takes Tommy out by force and Emily follows. In order to protect Emily, Tommy uses his power and makes Joanne and Luke disappear, then he runs off with the intention to leave town.

Emily follows him and he declares that he just wants to have a normal life. He doesn’t understand his power or where the objects/people he transports go. She’s thankful that he saved her life and  promises to keep his secret.

The Penny Man

There was a guy on a bike outside the fire in Chicago who Tommy ran into on his way out of the building. While he’s at the police station for questioning, the Penny Man questions him and gives him a penny for his thoughts.

He tells the Penny Man something and then when the police officer comes into the interrogation room to question the bike guy, he doesn’t remember anything. The Penny Man wiped his memories. 

The Katana Girl – Miko Otomo

A young man, Ren, solves a game and finds Miko’s address. He’s an expert of a game “Evernow” and recognizes her as the Katana Girl from the game. The image on a door in her apartment of “Evernow.” The Katana Girl character seeks revenge over her father’s kidnapping and uses a hidden sword. 

Miko forces him to leave and then follows the book he left her and finds the sword in the floor with a note from her father, “Save me … The sword is key.”

She opens the sword and transports into the game and fights off the enemy.

Carlos Guitierrez and El Vengador

Carlos Guitierrez is a war hero who returned home to East Los Angeles and his family. His brother, Oscar, wants him to come work at the family auto shop, but Carlos refuses. Oscar’s son, Jose, is obsessed with El Vengador who has been helping people around town.

El Vengador gets shot while trying to help. Carlos finds blood in the shop and his brother Oscar shot. He is El Vengador and he has a lair underneath the shop. Oscar was trying to make a difference and got caught in a trap. Before Oscar dies, he asks Carlos to be the hero he is and to wear the mask.

Jose wants to know why El Vengador didn’t save his father. He’s upset he didn’t get to show his father something. Instead of showing his uncle, Jose pushes Carlos away. The secert is that Jose is an EVO who can put his body through objects.

Something is Coming

The first hour ends with Malina in a distant place claiming that something is coming and that it will change everything. She’s trying to control it, but it’s happening faster than expected. Will this something destroy the world? Can it be saved? 

What Did Noah Need to Forget? 

Noah gets Quentin out of jail in order to get answers. Frady was hired to scan the Primatech files for Renautas and he realized that Renautas is framing and killing EVOs. Noah wants to find Molly Walker so she can help him. 

They return to Primatech in Odessa for answers. They search through papers for anything referencing Molly Walker or Renautas. Instead, they find something much more personal. Frady finds a document that shows that Claire may not have died at the summit. 

Noah doesn’t remember anything about that day and just assumed she died like everyone else believed. Noah turns on Frady and begins to wonder about the conspiracy theorist’s true motivations. 

Why does he care? Frady confesses that they took his sister and he’s trying to find her. She could manipulate darkness. Noah doesn’t know anything about her, since she wasn’t one of his pepole. 

Frady wants to help Noah find answers. They agree: “No more secrets. No more omissions.” They have a deal to work together. It turns out that Luke and Joanne are a few floors below Noah and Frady. 

When Noah hears the shooting, he goes to investigate and finds a list of EVOs. Molly Walker is listed as “Data Lost.” Noah finds a man, Stevens, who says Renautas found a way to monetize the EVOs to save the world. 

Tommy and Emily

Tommy makes a flower disappear for Emily and Brad sees him do it. When Brad threatens to turn Tommy in, Tommy first thinks to make him disappear and then leads with Brad that he’s a pacifist and wants to be normal. The Penny Man is outside watching them at the school.

Brad takes Tommy to his house to do something for him. His stepfather is abusive and Brad wants Tommy to make him disappear like the flower. Tommy doesn’t want to do it, but is left at the house so he sits down and watches the Biggest Loser with the old man. 

Instead of following through, Tommy runs out and leaves Brad’s stepfather behind on the couch. The Penny Man was sitting in his car outside. He knocks on the door and gives Brad’s stepfather a penny.

Later that day, Brad runs up to hug Tommy. His stepfather is gone even though Tommy didn’t do it. Brad promises to have his back forever. The Penny Man watches nearby and smiles. 

Someone has been texting Tommy and saving him. He doesn’t know who it is. At the ice cream shop, Emily and Tommy find the flower inside the ice cream flavor he was thinking about when they were in the shed. They realize things go wherever he’s thinking about. 

Joanne and Luke 

Joanne and Luke were teleporting to where Tommy was kept locked up and watched as a child. Luke’s mad that Joanne insisted in going after Tommy instead of shifting their focus to El Vengador. There’s a rage between them over the loss of their child in Odessa.

Luke realizes there’s no light switch, so he shoots out the lights and finds their way out through the two-way mirror. The are at Primatech which is still being actively used and shoot their way out of the facility and take Noah’s car to escape. Joanne finds the list of all the EVOs.

Saving Miko’s Father

Ren shows up and finds the Katana Girl missing and the computer at the “Enter Game” screen. He sees her in the game fighting to get her father back. Miko finds her father, but isn’t able to save him when she’s attacked by other men. Ren enters the game to help her fight off the man who abducted her father.

Miko finds her father, but he says they can’t leave yet and then he gets taken. She lets her guard down for a moment and gets hit in the head in the game and then transports back to her apartment.

Ren helps her with her injury and then answers her questions about what he knows. She insists she has to go back in the game to save her father. It’s her purpose and her mission. They were taking her father to the Yamagato Tower, so she enters he game again to find him. She initially enters the game world  and then closes the sword to re-enter the real world at Yamagato Tower. She faces off against the security guards there.

El Vengador

A priest shows up at the auto shop to talk to Carlos about his brother’s death. Carlos copes by drinking in the shop basement and looking at the board his brother set up. The newspaper reports that three cops were killed and El Vengador is the prime suspect in their murders. One of the cops is listed on the board.

Carlos goes after the witness, Eugene Pakowski, and demands to know why he lied about El Vengador kiling the cops. Eugene says it was the Captain. With that information, Carlos goes to see the priest and shows him the mask.

The priest tells Carlos about the underground railroad Oscar set up to help EVOs get to Canada and he wants Carlos to continue it. The priest is also an EVO who can turn into a vapor. Carlos agrees to help with the underground railroad.

New York

A women approaches a man winning at the craps table and sides up to him. He continues to win and says she’s his good luck charm. Before they get kicked out, he suggests they go back to his room and she agrees. 

In the room, he makes her a drink as she eyes his winnings. When he goes in for the kiss, she avoids it and outs him as a cheater or an EVO. She takes a knife and throws it at him, but he’s able to stop it using his powers. 

He promises he won’t use his powers again to cheat if she lets him keep the money. She wants him to leave the money and to take off. He refuses and attacks her after she nearly burned his face off.

A woman, Taylor, shows up, saves her and they go for friendly drinks. The woman wanted the guy’s money to disappear because there are people after her. Taylor offers to write her a check because she’s has the money.

The girl wakes up and finds Taylor and the guy who attacked her together. They tricked her. And, it’s because they know who she is. She’s Molly Walker.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on NBC.


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