Rya Kihlstedt, once known as Dr. Michelle Ross on Dexter has officially joined on to the cast of Heroes: Reborn. Additionally, Grey’s Anatomy, Graceland, and Suits make new casting announcements.

Rya Kihlstedt on Heroes: Reborn

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Rya Kihlstedt will have a series regular role in the upcoming Heroes: Reborn. Because details on her role are still unknown, it’s uncertain whether she’ll be a hero, villain or even a normal person.

Graceland Adds Alums from The Walking Dead, Backstrom and Entourage

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In another announcement from Entertainment Weekly, Graceland has cast three veteran actors for season 3. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. of The Walking Dead will play the role of Special Agent Sean Logan. His character will be the type of agent who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Evan Jones of FOX’s new series Backstrom will also join the show as Colby Moore, a former FBI agent with a strong sense of right and wrong. Jones’ character will prove to be a huge support to Brigg’s mission.

Once an eccentric and artistic film director on Entourage, Rhys Coiro has signed on to play Ari Adamian, heir to an Armenian crime family. His character will be under investigation of Gilliard’s character on his mission of bringing down the crime family.

Reign‘s Giacomo Gianniotti Joins Grey’s Anatomy

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TVLine reported that Reign’s Lord Julien will join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in season 12. Details of his role are being kept tightly under wraps. Gianniotti has also had roles in ABC’s Selfie and The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, where he played Jimmy Dougherty.

Christina Cole Plays Harvey’s New Love Interest in Suits

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Once the love interest of James Bond in Casino Royale, Christina Cole has taken another role where she’ll play a worthy counterpart to a cunning, devilishly handsome man. Cole will play the role of psychiatrist Dr. Paula Agard in season 5 of Suits. While analyzing Harvey, the two’s banter will undoubtedly lead to something romantic.

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