The Summer of Gordon Ramsay has officially begun on FOX. Missed any of last night’s Hell’s Kitchen premiere? I’ll get you caught up with all the highlights before tonight’s spicy conclusion.
Can you believe this show has been on the air for ten seasons already? I still remember the first season. Yet as a dramatic voice-over reminds us, we’ve seen plenty of mayhem and misery, with more still to come.

This season, the prize is a position at the newly-opened Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas. Once again, it’s the men versus the women. And sous chef Scott still looks like he’s ready to break any arrogant cheftestant over his knee.

He and his opposite number, Andi van Willigan, are challenging the newbies to shave their heads as a sign of commitment…and that includes the ladies. At least, until Gordon shows up and wants to know what the heck is going on in his dining room. (We find out later the whole thing was an elaborate setup, thankfully.)

The first night of Hell’s Kitchen always involves the making and tasting of signature dishes, and season ten is no exception. Some of the attention ends up focused on Clemenza, who goes into a coughing fit during the tasting that distracts everyone. Oh, and Royce happens to be working under former cheftestant Ralph (the runner-up from season one), plus he likes to refer to himself in the third person.

Robyn, Roshni, Briana, Dana and Christina score points during tasting while for the men, it’s Royce, Justin, and Patrick who impress Chef Ramsay. This marks the first time on the series that the women have won the signature dish opener, and they relegate the men to cleaning both kitchens while they go off to dinner with two previous winners: Dave Levey (from season six) and Rock Harper (from season three).

From there, it’s on to the season’s first dinner service. Unfortunately, it starts out the same as the old dinner services: the women aren’t focused and the men are cranky. In lowlights, Roshni can’t get the scallops cooked, which gets her kicked out of the kitchen, Royce can’t find the anchovies but claims he was “ambushed” before he’s thrown out over pasta, and Tavon goes down in flames before he, too, is evicted. Calling Chef Ramsay an “[expletive] douchebag” doesn’t help him either.

It’s a poor showing all around, with the men told to get out entirely before the women are ordered to shut the kitchen down. Zero entrees are served for the evening, and the blue team is named the losing squad.

They pick Tavon and Don for elimination, but Chef overrules them and asks Tavon and Royce to step forward. It’s Tavon who gets the axe, but he predicts Royce will be following him next week.

What do you think? Who’s next to be shown the door? We’ll find out tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on FOX.

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