It’s final four time on Hell’s Kitchen. These are supposed to be the best of the best, but sometimes I wonder. Where would we be if someone hadn’t goofed earlier in the season? With Nick gone, Milly is the lone member of the original Blue Team. Can he survive or will his time to depart be in this episode of Hell’s Kitchen?

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Dorms and Challenge

With Nick gone, the rest of the Hell’s Kitchen crew celebrate making it to the final four. But is this too early? We’ll know after the field trip. Meghan is just happy to be out of the kitchen because she’s lost five challenges in a row.

They arrive at a Bristol Market and meet Gordon Ramsay at the butcher’s counter. Ramsay throws them off course as he announces a vegetarian challenge. They are given 10 minutes and $25 to create a vegetarian dish. This makes Michelle happy as she was a vegetarian for all of four years. Let’s applaud for Michelle — not! The chefs seem completely lost as they hunt for their ingredients.

At the restaurant, they have 30 minutes to impress Ramsay with their dish. Meghan feels happy with her dish, but Michelle is doing an egg type dish that has me worried. Milly seems to be focusing on his dish a little too intensely and T says she is going back to her roots. She’s smart. She’s using tofu.

Ramsay starts with T, who has a soup. Milly follows with a souffle, which his son likes. Ramsay is impressed with both dishes. Next is Meghan with a pasta dish and Michelle with her egg dish. Ramsay is happy with all of them. He rewards Meghan with a win and she chooses T to go with her on a parasailing excursion. Milly and Michelle must spruce up the restaurant on the inside and outside. Sounds like a party, but not for Milly and Michelle.

Evening Preps and Service

The chefs start preparing for dinner. Ramsay has another test for them. He has another set of chefs working in the Blue Kitchen. Ramsay loves to do this to the final four or five. I wonder who will be coming in, but of course we get a commercial.

Ramsay introduces the final four with the Blue Kitchen Team. He’s invited friends from their past: Michael, who is Michelle’s boyfriend, and her sister visit. Tamara and Krista are there for T. Meghan gets her mother as a visitor. Milly’s son is there from Philly with Milly’s girlfriend. After a brief visit, the family and friends leave. Oh, and so far there are no cooks in the Blue Kitchen.

Ramsay tells them that everyone will have a turn at the pass. Also, two will leave in this round and Ramsay is expecting them to bring their best.

Marino opens the restaurant and the night is off. Milly is first at the pass and Ramsay gives him a pointer about calling the order. Marino wrote the order wrong. Andi will test quality control. Milly was supposed to use lobster, but instead goes for the crab. While Milly doesn’t catch the crab error, he does manage to do a credible service. Ramsay, though, thinks he lacks a certain finesse, partially due to Milly’s argument with Meghan while working the pass.

Next up is Meghan, and Milly is having trouble on the appetizers. Ramsay comes down on Milly when it should have been Meghan. She does find her voice and food is going out. Andi is taking her sea bass instead of halibut and she didn’t catch it. That’s two chefs who missed the first sabotage that Andi threw at them. Michelle points out that Meghan always mistakes the two fish.

Next up is Michelle and she is determined to do everything in her power to shine. Instead, she comes across as being on a power trip. She’s strong with orders, but she now has a quality test and misses on the garnish. So that makes Wthree strikes with three chefs. Now T is having trouble on her meat station. I guess everyone has to have an off night when it gets to four.

T is last and Ramsay gives her a ticket to call. She is trying to watch everything as Andi prepares a sabotage. And we have a hit. T gets that something is off and Ramsay helps her realize it is lamb. The restaurant is happy and the chefs are being led by a strong chef (T).

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The Elimination

Ramsay sends the chefs upstairs to decide which two chefs should not go to the finals. Michelle thinks she deserves it, but you know all the rest feel the same. Michelle quickly states that she should be in the final two. She calls T and Milly average. Way to go, girl! Don’t you realize that if you make it, you may need their help. Then Milly states his case. Now Meghan has made T mad by saying she wants to go against Michelle. I’m surprised no blows have been thrown.

Ramsay asks each chef to give the name of who should be in the finals. Of course, Michelle offers two candidates, as does Meghan. Ramsay tells those two that all are great chefs. I guess Ramsay will make the final decision. He eliminates Milly first but tells him he has a great heart and passion and to be proud of the job he has done. Milly is crying in the confessional and tells us he cares about food.

Ramsay has the screen lowered and announces that the first person advancing to the finals is Meghan. The second decision is hard for Ramsay to make. He sends T through and Michelle home. Michelle isn’t happy, but T is crying tears of joy. Michelle is upset because she thinks she proved herself in every challenge.

Will T or Meghan win? Will they win over the brigade or will the brigade sink them? And what is the surprise behind Ramsay’s office door? Comment below and let me know which one you want to win.

The Hell’s Kitchen season 14 finale airs Tuesday, June 9 at 8pm on FOX.

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