We’re back in Hell’s Kitchen tonight where the fire is almost too hot to bear! As the men of the Blue Team pulled out the season’s first successful dinner service last night, the women crumbled under all the drama. Barbie was, once again, up for elimination and, once again, survived the knife. Briana handed over her coat, leaving Chef Ramsay’s sight after expressing her lack of leadership is her Achilles heel.

Tonight, the drama grows greater. Attitudes spill over on the Red Team as the girls continue to turn more and more against Barbie. As for the Blue Team, we might be seeing the last of one cheftestant when he slices and dices his own finger! Who will come closer to the prized title of head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak at Paris Las Vegas?

Brian starts off the episode with, “We actually finished a dinner service.” That’s definitely worth celebrating. Meanwhile, the Red Team is still contemplating Barbie and how she’s bringing the team down.

The next morning, Ramsay sends in the dogs. A handful of super cute dogs wake the Red and Blue teams up who are then told to dress in overalls. They’re shipped off to a farm where they will herd sheep. This is a bit ridiculous, if you ask me.

Challenge: Each sheep is marked with the word of an ingredient. Each member of each team is to catch flags from the corresponding sheep symbolizing enough ingredients to create four lamb dishes.

It’s one heck of a sheep scramble with many of the cheftestants catching more dirt than flags.  They’re transported back to Hell’s Kitchen to begin cooking their dishes with just 45 minutes to go. Within the first few minutes of being partnered with Clemenza, Guy cries out, having cut his finger. He sounds in severe pain, but it’s nothing but a small knick. “When you yelled, it sounded as if you’d been circumcised without anesthetic,” laughs Chef Ramsay.

Of course, there’s arguing and running around, but the duos of both teams finish up their dishes within the allotted time.

Challenge Results

The Red Team looks to be a shoe-in to win this challenge until Barbie is blamed for raw lamb. The men come back to win it in the end. “Robyn and Barbie,” starts Chef Ramsay,” what in the [expletive] were you both doing?” Robyn tosses her partner under the bus and the whole team just looks like a big dramatic mess.


The men are given one-hundred dollars and sent off to the races at Hollywood Park. In honor of their team color, they pick the blue horse. Like that of their performances in Hell’s Kitchen, they start off strong only to fall short in the end. The women, on the other hand, are to clean the marked sheep. After the clean-up, the women are rewarded with a meal of losers … lamb testicles. When did this show become Fear Factor?

While the Blue Team is growing stronger, the Red Team is turning in on itself when Kimmie calls Danielle out for not consuming as many testicles as she has. “I eat five testicles and you didn’t get down one,” mumbles Kimmie. Does she want a party thrown in her honor?

Dinner Service

Things in the Red Team are so disorganized that they don’t even know what they should be cooking. The Blue Team on the other hand is working collectively as a unit. “I love you,” says Patrick to Guy. Food cooked from the heart is one thing, but let’s not overdo this.

Remember that horse race? Yep, they started off promising, but it’s taking a while for the guys to truly perform. Danielle and Robyn might be butting heads on the Red Team, but their putting out more appetizers than their competition. If that wasn’t bad enough, Blue appetizers make their way from the kitchen finally and Brian begins to destroy every order of fish entrees he could get his hands on. “You got Brian here,” Don uses his hands to demonstrate, “and you got a pile of [expletive] here.” He’s literally putting his team at a standstill.

It is a full hour into service and neither kitchen has sent out any of their entrees. On the Blue Team, Brian not only runs out of cod fish; he calls Chef Ramsay “baby.” This proves to be his ticket out of the kitchen. A switch up on the fish station and Don’s perfect Beef Wellington gets the ball rolling. On the Red Team, Roshni is slowing everything down with her invisible Beef Wellington’s which prove to be “raw!” as Ramsay says. Roshni follows Brian up to the dormitory.

I seem to have spoken too soon as Don crumbles under pressure with his sirloin. After what seems to be 10 minutes of waiting, Ramsay receives raw meat. “Get out,” yells Chef Ramsay.

Danielle brings the women’s first entrees to the pass, but both she and Robyn are tossed out because of a failed joint dish. Who will possibly take over now? On the Blue Team, both Royce and Justin are tossed out for acting as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, working on the same order. They’re dropping like sad little flies!

Two hours in, entrees are still struggling to leave the kitchens. Chef Ramsay is sending cheftestants to their dorms left and right. Who would’ve guessed it! With fewer cooks in the kitchen, both teams are working more efficiently.

“It was painful watching you disintegrate,” starts Ramsay. “It was like getting a route canal and passing a kidney stone at the same time!” Wow! With that said, both teams lose and are sent to the dorms to nominate two cheftestants for elimination each.


The Blue Team nominates Don for being a “deer in headlights,” says Royce, and Brian. Christina gives Roshni as the Red Team’s first nominee, but that second name just cannot seem to fall from her lips. SPIT IT OUT, ALREADY! Finally, Danielle’s name is called.

Her third time before Ramsay, Roshni gives the same speech. Danielle looks like a scared mouse. Don makes no sense at all. Lastly, Brian is convinced that he is “a machine.” What?

Eliminated: Don

“I’m not done yet,” announces Ramsay. Danielle gets back in line. Brian is put back in line. “Roshni,” he says, “Give me your jacket.” Don’t think she’s going home, though! Roshni is now a part of the Blue Team.

This has to be the most motley crew of ridiculously confused chefs we have ever witnessed on Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t know that I can tell who should stick around until the end anymore. Although, it does make for great television!

Next Monday on Hell’s Kitchen, with a woman on the Blue Team the men are on their best behavior, but not for long. Soon after, they begin yelling and twisting the thorn in Chef Ramsay’s side as usual. The Red Team is still up to their dramatic antics and possibly the most surprising yet. It looks as though someone will attempt to sabotage one of their own teammates performances in the kitchen. Tune in next week for another shocking episode!

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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