Dancing with the Stars is nearing the finale and after this week, only six couples will remain. Week 8 finds the couples taking on iconic Dynamic Duos, both real and fictional. The highest individual score will receive immunity (presumably for next week) and the other six pairs will compete in dance-offs for extra points from the judges.

Based on the leaderboard and the performances, there are two stars who should be especially worried while the other five should coast to the Top 5. But what “should” happen doesn’t always work out on DWTS.


75: Bethany Mota
70: Lea Thompson
68: Alfonso Ribeiro
67: Janel Parrish
62: Sadie Robertson
60: Tommy Chong
56: Michael Waltrip


Bethany Mota was on top of the leaderboard and should survive, especially since her partner, Derek Hough, has always made it to the Top 6 (and he’s made it to the Top 4 in 11 out of 13 seasons). I also have to believe that high scores and general excellence should keep Lea, Alfonso and Janel around.


Quite frankly, anyone except for the two men in the next category would be a shocker. But for this week, Sadie Robertson could be in more danger than normal since she got such horrendous scores for her zombie Paso Doble. She and Mark Ballas are only six points ahead of the bottom pair, which is a very narrow window.


It’s painfully obvious to anyone watching the show that Michael Waltrip and Tommy Chong should, without a doubt, be the next two stars eliminated. Michael is an absolute trainwreck, getting all 5s last week, setting a new record for the worst week 7 performance ever. But then he got a huge boost by being on the winning team and earning a few extra points that he didn’t really deserve. That closed the gap between him and Tommy, who also did quite poorly and is only four points ahead of Michael.

We all want Michael gone, especially the judges, but could his NASCAR support keep him around for yet another week?


I predict Michael Waltrip and Emma Slater will be eliminated. I have to believe that miracles can happen, and getting rid of Michael would qualify. He’s so bad that I hope even his fans have given up hope. Losing Tommy wouldn’t be the worst thing since he’s lost his mojo, but Michael is an embarrassment to dancing and the show. When you get four 5s in week 7, it’s time to throw in the towel.

Do you think Michael will actually get eliminated, or will he somehow manage to survive yet again? Find out on Dancing with the Stars, Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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