Tuesday night brings us a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen and the exciting conclusion to Chef Ramsay’s possible four-person elimination cliffhanger. Mary, Nedra, Dan and Ray’s fates are all on the line. Which one will be leaving, if any? Asian Cuisine makes its way to Hell’s Kitchen tonight after 11 seasons. This fortune cookie tells me that the VIP guests Adam Shankman of “Hairspray” fame and Rex Lee of “Entourage” are in for quite the show.

“And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen …” says the announcer. Finally! We get to see what Chef Ramsay has in store for Mary, Nedra, Dan and Ray. “All four of you are now on probation,” Ramsay says. They will not have their jackets handed back to them until they have proven to Ramsay that they deserve it back.

Fortune Cookie Challenge: Each team will create their version of six signature Chinese dishes. In fortune cookies, the cheftestants will find their surprise ingredients. Two members of each team will stand at the board, arranging the ingredients so that they compliment one another.

The Red Team fails to add enough ingredients to each dish, yet the Blue Team has the most difficulty executing their dishes. 

Master Chef Yang joins Chef Ramsay to help judge the challenge. After the infamous HK tie, only one team can come out on top and earn jackets back for two of their members.

Challenge Winner: Blue Team

Dan and Ray receive their jackets back, following the rest of the team up to the dorms to prepare for their surprise reward. The Red Team must stay behind, cleaning and prepping for dinner service. 

The Blue Team spend their time playing paintball, shooting at each other and releasing steam. Meanwhile, the women are fed servings of vile disgusting looking, and surprisingly edible, food.

Red Kitchen 

VIP Adam Shankman

Tableside Service: Janelle

VIP Service: Cyndi

Blue Kitchen 

VIP Rex Lee

Tableside Service: Ray

VIP Service: Zach

Right off the bat, Nedra, of the Red Team, receives her jacket after delivering a perfect risotto to the pass. Mary will follow suit with her risotto tables later. Let’s hope the morale will come together and keep this train on the tracks for their Chef’s Table guests. Unfortunately, Susan’s chicken doesn’t look very promising.

The Blue Team has come to serving up a shrimp dish to Rex Lee and the other VIP guests. Well, the would serve the food if it would ever be finished. Barret is struggling with making sure the shrimp is anything but raw. This is nothing like the disaster seen in the Red Kitchen, though.

Susan is on the meat station alone, having a hard time with the lamb for Adam Shankman. It’s already late, but now it’s undercooked. She stuffs it in the oven, taking more time, then slow motion should have taken over. SHE DROPS THE LAMB ON THE FLOOR! “I’m highly aware that they screwed up our order,” Adam says to his friend, taking another swig of red wine. Because of Susan’s inability to correctly call times for her lamb, now Jessica’s halibut has dried out.

Wait! There’s a new and worse disaster in the Blue Kitchen. Barret, who has been struggling with halibut all night, has handed fish to Chef Ramsay with the parchment still left on the fish. He would have choked a table full of little old ladies! 

Both teams fail tonight’s service.

The Red Kitchen nominates Jessica because of her halibut and Susan on account of her lamb fiasco while the Blue Kitchen nominates Dan because he is weakest link who had the best service tonight and Ray who wasn’t even cooking in the kitchen, yet slowed it down from the dining room. 

 Eliminated: Jessica

“I guess I just didn’t put up enough fight for Chef Ramsay to believe in me,” Jessica says to cameras. Obviously! Dan has placed himself on a pedestal now after being saved from elimination. This should ignite a new war in the Blue Kitchen.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, the pig sty goes rogue, literally! Tune in to see the teams take on pet pigs, Chef Ramsay uncover more raw chicken in the kitchen and Dan as he storms out of Hell’s Kitchen!

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Jilliane Johnson

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