What did I tell you kids? Suzanne is still there. She was up for elimination for as long as I can remember but somehow has eluded it, for different reasons. On the next episode of Hell’s Kitchen, it’s the first individual challenge for the five remaining chefs: create a dish that looks just as delicious as it tastes, with experts from Bon Appetit magazine judging the dishes. The winner enjoys an evening at Shutters on the Beach with Ramsay with the magazine’s editor-in chief. The final five chefs then do dinner service, where, the promo promises, we’ll see something we’ve never seen before.

Tennille shutting up, maybe?

It really is coming down the wire on Hell’s Kitchen. On last week’s two-hour offering, the field was narrowed down to five, with Sabrina and Van being shown the door – curiously, both for undercooked halibut but on different dinner service.

On the last episode’s (the second) reward, Tennille had a chance to meet Hell’s Kitchen season 4 winner Christina Machamer. And after talking, Suzanne realized how alike they were. Not very good.

Come dinner service, Suzanne did something amazing again: she said she was stoked for the challenge, then messed up real bad, then said you don’t need to be perfect to win Hell’s Kitchen anyway. She’s funny, although unintentionally. It was supposedly the first time that Ramsay walked out of his very own restaurant because of frustration. They were: undercooked fish, overcooked lettuce, and one chef in fetal position. Tennille, meanwhile, had an amazing night that at one point she got even more annoying, something we didn’t think was possible:

“What’s my name? Tennille!”

In the end, the two guys tried to put Ariel up for elimination because they were probably threatened by her, but thankfully Gordon Ramsay saw through the crap and eliminated Van instead.

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– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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