It’s hard enough for the characters of Haven to escape Justice in “Double Jeopardy.” Can they escape fate too? Should they even try? Find out how everybody does in this Haven recap.

Justice Is a B*tch

You don’t screw with justice in Haven. Because Justice will screw you right back.

The Trouble of the Week in “Double Jeopardy” turns out to be a golem — not a Gollum (sorry, Lord of the Rings fans) — created by a disgruntled court transcriptionist named Lanette. After years of watching Bad People go free and staring at a mural of Lady Justice on the wall, Lanette unconsciously sends the image after those who got away with it.

This includes a perverted peeping Tom (eyes gouged out), an alleged child abuser (22 broken bones) and a parking-ticket violator named Duke Crocker — who gets his tires slashed.

Things get really bad when Justice, Duke’s own “Troubled stalker” trashes the Grey Gull (because Duke’s liquor license was invalid) and then comes after Duke yet again after the man is falsely accused of an assault. Audrey manages to shoot Lady Justice on this occasion, but the only result is the woman crumbling into pieces. And then she comes back to finish the job.

Audrey and Nathan briefly think that the Troubled perpetrator is Judge Boon, since all of the attacked people had gone through his court. But that theory goes up in smoke when the mildly corrupt judge is found impaled by the scales of justice.

This leads Audrey, with Duke in tow, to Lanette.

The Guilt of Duke Crocker

Like so many of the Troubled who came before her, Lanette is initially unwilling to believe that she caused the attacks. Then Duke starts expressing his guilt over killing that organ-harvesting guy. Lanette doesn’t like killers. She doesn’t like them one bit.

And Justice arrives.

But before Lanette and her Justice golem can carry out Duke’s death sentence, Audrey intervenes. She passionately explains that Duke only killed to save hundreds of lives and was therefore carrying out justice himself.

Poor Lanette now has a quandary. If Duke is innocent of her perceived crimes, maybe the others were too. And if she had attacked the innocent, it was Lanette who deserved punishment from Justice. This is perhaps not the best conclusion for the Troubled woman: Justice immediately turns on her creator.

Because Haven likes to give us nightmares, the appropriate punishment for Lanette is to be shoved into the Justice mural of the courthouse. There, she freezes and becomes just another part of the painting.

Justice really is a b*tch.

Audrey and Duke, on the other hand, are awfully cute. The two Haven residents most determined to fight their pasts have bonded throughout all of this.

Calling Out the Guard

While Justice is wreaking havoc around town, Nathan is busy trying to get in good with the mysterious Guard. Jordan at the diner is definitely willing to talk to Nathan now, but “her people” need more than that if they’re going to trust the police chief. When Nathan says he will do anything, we learn about a convict, Duncan Fromsley, rotting away at Shawshank Prison. Fromsley went to jail after burning down his own house — with his son inside. Now, the prisoner has cancer, and the Guard wants him closer to home for treatment.

Nathan pulls off the transfer — with a little help from the corrupt Judge Boon — but is shocked to find that the Guard has lied about their plans. Jordan and her people intercept the prison van before it can reach its destination and kidnap Duncan Fromsley for themselves.

Jordan does manage to take out the guards with her hands o’ pain, but one of them recovers enough to aim his gun at the waitress. Luckily for Jordan, Nathan has been watching and knocks out the prison guard.

Bit of a new style for Nathan…

Anyway, this action does put Chief Wuornos in his desired direction — now that the Guard has Duncan (a Troubled man who starts fires during nightmares), they may be willing to share info.

And there’s a side bonus for Nathan! As the only man who can touch Jordan without feeling pain (or anything else, of course), Nathan is basically Jordan’s Audrey. The two Troubled people take full advantage of this situation in a rather steamy and passionate make-out session.

Who knew Nathan was so flighty?

Piecing Things Together

Underlying all of this is the mystery of Audrey’s past and of her kidnapper, now known as the Bolt-Gun Killer. Concerned that Audrey will forget the image of the Colorado Kid, Claire convinces the detective to create a composite image of the young man.

Audrey goes along with the idea but is derailed when she receives a report of another Bolt-Gun killing. Putting the killer’s collection of body parts together with her own activities, Audrey realizes that the Bolt-Gun Killer may be assembling a composite “sketch” of his own.

Using real body parts.


The questions remain: Who is the Bolt-Gun Killer building? Is it the Colorado Kid? Audrey? And why is this killer using body parts to create a new person? Are we going to have another golem on our hands in the future?

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