When CSI: Miami returned September 22 for the premiere of its seventh season, the reviews were mixed.  As far as ratings are concerned, though, “Resurrection” was a run-away winner on Monday night, edging out the season premiere of HeroesCSI: Miami‘s 16.87 million was even better than its already sterling premiere numbers last season of 14.8 million.

The episode, however, just bolstered the great divide between fans and those who hate it with a passion (but still watch, according to some).  Comments were made regarding Horatio Caine’s (David Caruso) ridiculously repetitive removal of his sunglasses, the “horrible” acting, and “ineffectively incoherent” story development.

According to TV Guide’s Matt Roush, “no one’s really expecting Emmy-caliber work here.  But from the critical fence on which I sit and contemplate the current crime-drama glut, I have to set the quality bar somewhere.  And this show no longer clears it.”

The critic asks how can CSI: Miami amass such astronomical ratings with such formulaic storylines and subpar acting from the cast.  In the end, he dismissed it as “a lousy show that lots of people like, nothing new about that.”  He even surmised that perhaps Caruso infuses what is called the “Shatner effect” in reference to actor William Shatner, who isn’t a particularly compelling thespian but still had people riveted when watching him.

Regardless of what some critics think, the popularity of CSI: Miami is beyond question.  On last night’s episode called “Won’t Get Fueled Again,” the team investigates the death of a man who was set on fire.  They soon realize that there’s more to the man, as he was involved in illegal gas stealing and selling.  The trail leads them to an even bigger gas thief.  Also in this episode, the team gets to meet their new coroner, Dr. Tara Price, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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