The Fringe winter finale (and last episode before a several week hiatus), “The End of All Things,” has been promising its audience answers. But what kind of answers can we expect? Keep reading for Fringe spoilers and for a preview of “The End of All Things.”

WARNING: There are Fringe spoilers ahead, as the title and introduction might indicate. While we endeavor to not spoil the major points of Fringe, no promises can be made if you dare to keep reading. Just keep that in mind…

“The End of All Things” is a classic midseason cliffhanger of an episode. As we know from several recent Fringe episodes, many plots have been set up, all leading to this one episode.

Which plots come into play in the Fringe winter finale?

  • David Robert Jones is up to no good.
  • Nina Sharpe and some goons have been dosing Olivia with something that gives her migraines. That something is probably cortexiphan (considering Walter’s discovery in last week’s “A Better Human Being”).
  • The Observer called September showed up, sporting a major bloodstain on his shirt, to warn Olivia of her imminent doom.
  • In a surprising turn of events, Olivia has begun to remember everything about her pre-nonexistence-of-Peter life. Most importantly, this reminds her that she loves Peter.
  • Just after Peter gives in to the idea that this Olivia is his Olivia, the lady vanishes. 
  • Olivia wakes up, groggy, to find herself trapped with Nina in an undisclosed location.

That’s a lot of plots. And they all have their place in “The End of All Things.”

What Happens?
If you’ve watched any of the Fringe teaser videos or the Fringe promo video, you know that a major plot in “The End of All Things” requires Peter to enter the mind of the dying Observer. Among other bits of information from this act, Peter is told to go home.

Even if Peter has been convinced that Olivia’s memories are great, no one else is on board with that. Walter, of course, is angry. But the real venom in the situation comes from another person entirely.

Cortexiphan is a big deal in “The End of All Things.”

Back in season 1, there were often hints that Olivia’s special abilities worked better when Peter was around. Those hints are recalled in this episode.

This is not to say that we get answers to every single plot in this week’s Fringe episode. It’s not the season finale, after all! So where do we find some answers?

  • At least some of the motives of David Robert Jones are made apparent. What are those motives? If you recall what Jones was up to back in season 1 (think light bulbs and threats of violence), you’ll be on the right track.
  • Which Nina is the “real” Nina? We do learn that. But you may need to pay close attention to be sure.
  • If you’ve been dying to know more about the Observers, this is definitely the episode for you. It turns out that there is an explanation for these guys.
  • September’s constant interference in the life and times of Peter Bishop gets addressed.

Some questions, of course, remain unanswered. If you’re looking for a complete, detailed explanation of what Olivia is remembering and where Peter actually belongs, you might be disappointed. The plots aren’t dropped, but there is no closure.

That closure will have to wait until Fringe returns later in the spring.

Fringe season 4, episode 14, “The End of All Things,” airs on Friday, February 24 at 9pm on FOX.

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