We got to know the characters of Harry’s Law last season, and Harriet Korn got to know a lot of clients. The firm defended everyone from street kids to drag queens, neighbors to ex-lovers. 

Things got complicated within the company too, since the finale had Adam and Rachael locking lips as Jenna and Malcolm had another fight. Meanwhile, Josh had another public display of — well, we’ll leave that up to your imaginations. Also, Puck left for good. He’s not the only one we won’t be seeing on Harry’s Law season 2 though.

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What to Expect on Harry’s Law season 2:

Even though it’s tough to contend with Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law season 2 has its fair share of great stars. It’s been announced that Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen won’t be back as regulars, so let’s find out who’ll be filling our screens this time.

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Two new characters will be introduced to the show. One of them is successful attorney Olivier Pritcher. The network described him as “handsome, a bit wolfish and an irresistible charmer.” We’re betting it’s the character Mark Valley will play, since he’s been booked as series regular.

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The other, to be portrayed by Karen Olivo, is the lawyer Cassie Reynolds. She’s the “bright” and “eager” newbie who’s capable of catching anyone’s attention.

Jean Smart has also been cast as prosecutor, and she’ll be appearing on the first three episodes of Harry’s Law season 2. This season will also be graced by veteran actor Alfred Molina, who will be playing the murderer she’s accusing. The Spider-Man 2 star’s arc involves him killing his wife and standing in court for the case.

As for future storylines, IMDB has stated that the premiere episode will be called “Hosanna Roseanna.” Following that is “There Will Be Blood.” There haven’t been any official synopses yet though.

Keep an eye out for these new characters on the show, along with your healthy dose of Kathy Bates. The sophomore season of Harry’s Law is scheduled to premiere on a new night, Wednesday, September 21 at 9pm on NBC.

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