Here’s to more unusual but amusing comments from the stars of CBS’ thrilling series, Harper’s Island.  A lot of fans probably know how the actors worked on their characters – none of them knowing if they were actually playing the killer until the end.  According to the cast of the show, the experience was both exciting and horrifying.

“It’s like going to work to play Clue,” said Elaine Cassidy, who plays central character Abby Mills.  “And the conversations we’ve had … Who do you think did it … Everyone has their theory … You kind of knew, week by week, someone was going to go, and it could be you, or it could be someone you are good friends with.”

Meanwhile, Katie Cassidy, who portrays the bride, revealed how much anticipation the mystery held for all of them.  “When we got the scripts, it was like Christmas morning,” she exclaimed.  “We would sit there in the green room frantically trying to find out who’s going to go and what’s going to happen.”

Actor Christopher Gorham also mentioned how producer Jeff Bell said that the series was similar to a famous reality show.  “[E]ssentially what he told me was that you have to think of it more like Survivor than Lost.  And, like Survivor, if it continues, the cast will change every year, the story will change every year.  The only things that would stay the same are the name, Harper’s, and the format.  It would be another, but different, 13-episode murder mystery.”

The strategy that the producers employed seems to be the key to the success of the murder mystery.  “The killer didn’t even know that he or she was the killer when we started,” director and executive producer Jon Turteltaub declared.

“You walk into the writers’ room, and there is 40 feet worth of whiteboard filled with stuff,” he continued.  “You are dreading that the cleaning guy is going to come in and call his friend and say, ‘I see what’s happening in that episode’.”

Gorham went on, “The characters are three-dimensional.  The deeper you get into the show, the cast gets smaller and smaller, so you get to know them more, and the deaths hurt the audience more and more as you go along.  You start losing people you’ve grown to like.”

Even though we don’t want to lose any more characters, we honestly can’t wait to see who’s going to be the next victim.  Catch a new episode of Harper’s Island this Saturday on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Channel News Asia, Reading Eagle
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