As usual, another person’s going to die on the next episode of Harper’s Island and it’s not that big of a surprise to know how eager everyone is to find out who.  However, the trailer for “Snap” reveals that it’s one main character who gets the boot, and by some crazy explosion too.

On the new installment of the hit CBS mystery, the marina goes up in flames and everyone continues to panic.  The wedding guests thought they could leave the island at last with Madison (Cassandra Sawtell) already found.  But with the destruction of the only means of transportation they have, there’s very little hope of departure.

With fifteen dead, it’s doubtless that the group is trying their best to stay safe and hold on to their lives.  The previous episode, “Seep,” uncovered plenty of secrets which may just point to the identity of the killer.  Madison told Abby (Elaine Cassidy) that the child’s captor was actually her father.  Still, whether Abby’s dad is indeed Sheriff Mills (Jim Beaver) or the alleged John Wakefield remains to be seen.

Despite that intense revelation though, it looks like even more surprises are in store.  There’s the marina blast killing an important character and a discovery that brings the group closer to the end.  If you want to see who might die in the episode “Snap,” check out the trailer below.

The group finds even more clues leading to the murderer, such as a bunch of maps showing the underground tunnels of the island leading to Candlewick.  Everyone is horrified when they realize just who their prime suspect is, but we think it’s a bit too obvious to be true.

As for the title of the episode, there are so many murder methods that it implies.  It could be that someone dies from a fracture, which honestly doesn’t sound like the style of the show.  One might think finger-snapping as well, or the sound a tree branch makes when you step on it.  In any case, we’re ready to see what happens next on Harper’s Island when it airs tonight on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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