While we have a long way to go before The Vampire Diaries premieres on the CW, perhaps it’s safe to say that fans of vampire-themed franchises can’t wait to sink their teeth into the upcoming series; and debating whether you’ll really like it or not is moot at this point since no one has really seen the show.

Perhaps to assuage the thirst of fans, however, the CW has released an extended trailer – more than five minutes long – giving potential Vampire Diaries viewers a chance to take a longer look at the highly anticipated series.

Already, the emergence of The Vampire Diaries has online forums abuzz with debates on whether it can come close to, equal, or even top the level of popularity that Twilight has amassed, despite one being a movie franchise and the other being a series.

The upcoming CW show revolves around a love triangle between two vampire brothers – a good and not-so-good – who are both after one girl. Paul Wesley plays the good, sensitive vampire Stefan Salvatore, while Ian Somerhalder plays the evil (but some say hotter) Damon.

On the extended trailer, a “stranger” arrives at Mystic Falls High School, which looks like your any old high school with different cliques of kids; two girls espy the stranger who does something with his eyes and makes the school official do something she shouldn’t. Of course, it turns out to be Stefan, who was born in Mystic Falls and just returned. He quickly makes a connection with Elena (Nina Dobrev). At a party, they were talking, and all of a sudden, Stefan has to go and a girl turns up with a fatal bite on her neck.

If you guessed it was Stefan, you’ve got it wrong. “Hello brother,” says his brother Damon, who makes a memorable entrance as a crow. Because Elena looks like some girl from Damon’s past, he also wants her, and this essentially kicks off the rivalry – “the battle for her soul” – which begins with her heart.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The CW
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Glenn Diaz

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