Moises Arias has gotten himself a new gig on Disney, aside from playing the spoiled Rico on Hannah Montana.  He’s really involved in sports, seeing as how he’s starred in The Perfect Game and is working on a new movie called Motocross Madness.  That’s probably why he’s landed a role in a sports series for the network, titled Moises Rules!

The new show is a type of short, which enables kids to challenge the 15-year-old star in a number of sports competitions.  Some of the games are tetherball and even finger football, and if Arias wins he gets to brag by proclaiming “Moises Rules!”

Set to premiere on Monday, December 7 on Disney XD, Moises Rules will have exclusive content on  These will be available on Tuesday next week, November 10.  Included in these fun services are sports-themed games and, of course, wallpapers.

Aside from the sports-loving Moises Arias, Moises Rules features challengers like 13-year-old Ross “The Boss,” 11-year-old James, 12-year-old Larry and 14-year-old Kenton.  It looks like there are four confirmed episodes so far, which will air one after the other.

According to the show’s press release, the series will kick off with “Mad B-Ball Shoot Out.”  On that episode, Moises will come face to face with The Boss in a basketball challenge that has a twist.  It won’t be in your usual court, since there’s bound to be “rotating backboards, moving targets, and hoops in motorized vehicles.”

Following that is the finger football episode, then the tetherball one.  For the fourth installment of Moises Rules, the guys get wild on a super water slide.  The episode “Dash and Splash!” has Moises and Larry against each other in a “Backyard Slide-Off” competition.

For more information on Moises Rules, check out the official website.  But if that’s not enough Moises Arias for you, catch him on the movie Astroboy where he voices the character Zane.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Disney XD, TV By the Numbers
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