Miley Cyrus might have enough power over her millions of fans, but she can’t control them from being a bit overenthusiastic about her music.  A new single from the Hannah Montana star was apparently leaked online, when it was supposed to premiere on Monday.

MTV News reports that “Party in the USA” was ready to appear on an upcoming exclusive Wal-Mart EP, debuting along with Miley’s Max Azria clothing line.  According to Idolator, the song that was leaked was a demo version. In the original one, the singer mentions stars like Jay-Z and Britney Spears in the lyrics.

As for the subsequent version of “Party in the USA,” the name of Jay-Z was replaced with that of Kanye West.  Also, the New York Post‘s PopWrap has reported that the single is sort of this upbeat, semiautobiographical track.  It revolves around Miley’s move from Tennessee to Los Angeles, which many fans would be excited to hear about.

Unfortunately, one thing we won’t be hearing about is a statement from the Hannah Montana star’s reps.  Her label, Hollywood Records, wasn’t able to comment on the issue of the leaked song.  Then again, they’re probably busy setting things up for the debut of her clothing line.

This August marks the launch of Miley Cyrus‘ fashion line in Wal-Mart stores.  The 16-year-old teen sensation even posted pictures of it on her Twitter page, thrilled about the news.  “So excited about Miley and Max 🙂 yayy!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, she took the reports about her leaked single “Party in the USA” lightly. What was more important to her is the response of the audience to it. “How did my friggen song get leaked???” she Tweeted to Perez Hilton.  “Whatevs.  Do you likey?”

For those who want to have a listen to the song, head over to PopWrap’s post here.  We’re sure Miley wouldn’t mind, since whatever she produces causes those rabid fans to go crazy.  Plus, the actual release date’s only a weekend away anyway.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News, PopWrap
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