While the specific identity of the fairy tale referenced in episode 3 of Grimm, “Beeware,” remains a mystery, it does look interesting. After all, we’re talking about some dark creature with the ability to turn a flash mob into murder. This homicidal creature is also related to bees in some way. And NBC has released several clips from “Beeware” to pique your curiosity.

The first video is a general promo for the episode:

Uh oh — looks like that monster-faced girl from the pilot episode is back. And Nick has to protect her? That can’t be too much fun for him, considering that Monster Girl was last seen trying to kill Aunt Marie.

The extent of Nick’s protection can be seen in the second video:

Apparently, the young lady/monster is something called a Hexenbeast (or some Germanic variant on that spelling). Also, she’s a lawyer. The woman is obviously evil.

Monster Lady has a name. She shall now be known as the appropriately Germanic-sounding Adalind:

Keep in mind that Captain Renard does, in fact, already know Adalind. So what’s with the playacting? It’s all very mysterious.

For the next video, Nick and Monroe visit a very large, very fancy mansion to investigate:

Monroe doesn’t seem too happy about any of this — and not just because the sidekick always gets killed. All that honey ought to make the house awfully sticky.

In the next video, we find out that the bees aren’t just attacking monsters. They’re attacking cops too:

It’s handy to have a veterinarian around when dealing with a case full of bees.

Finally, you can find out a little more about the main character of Nick, right from the source. The last video is an interview with David Giuntoli.

Do you know which fairy tale “Beeware” has taken for its inspiration? Is the monster girl good or bad? What’s up with Captain Renard? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)

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