In “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen,” we finally get to see the long-awaited arrival of another Grimm — a female Grimm. And just like the episode title suggests, she brings trouble with her to Portland, but she’s also in deep trouble herself.

On the Run

When we first meet her, two Wesens confront her on the road and drag her body in order to kill her and it does seem, at first, that she’s the only who dies. After all, they are two men and she’s just this petite girl. But the next day, it turns out the perpetrators were the ones who were killed — by being stabbed multiple times.

Knowing what we already know, it’s fun seeing how the plot unfolds, as Nick and Hank go to Monroe believing it’s a Wesen that’s killed the men. What type of Wesen just merely stabs his/her victims without doing something gross like taking their intestines or something?

The girl, meanwhile, is on her own, holed up in a motel, with deep scratches on her body. Unlike Nick who follows the law as much as he can given whatever circumstance he’s in, the female Grimm doesn’t seem to have any sense of it. She steals the victims’ wallets and money, and later goes to a store to steal boots. She starts a small fire in the bathroom and makes her clever escape.

Nice to Meet You?

However, while she’s trying to get away, a woman who has seen what she did comes up behind her. It’s another Wesen — she just can’t seem to get away from them, can she? They fight, the female Grimm kills her by slashing her face several times and is able to make her escape yet again.

The janitor/owner of the motel she’s staying in recognizes her when she comes through to check out following the attack — and promptly calls the police. Nick and Hank — with Monroe in tow — get to the place just as she’s leaving and are able to corner her down.

That’s when all hell breaks loose because Monroe turns into his Blutbad side and the female Grimm goes into attack mode. Nick and Hank can barely help him because she starts attacking them too! She’s got a lot of issues. Monroe can hardly get the words out that she’s a Grimm, and everyone is surprised.

Eventually, she’s handcuffed and thrown in the back of the car with Nick. She keeps mum, and it doesn’t even seem like she knows her true self. However,since she’s unwilling to talk, she has to go to jail.

The Truth is in the Trailer

Through the system, we find out her name is Theresa, and she has quite the record in a variety of states. She was last in a psychiatric hospital in Washington state and a notebook found in her backpack reveals photos she’s drawn of the bad guys she’s seen — and likely killed — over the years.

Nick takes Theresa out of her cell and leads her to his trailer so she can know the truth. It turns out she has heard of “Grimm” being mentioned in her past, but has absolutely no idea what it all means. Nick seems only happy to teach her, just like Aunt Marie was there for him in the past.

In previews, we see Nick taking Theresa under his wing — for better or worse. It’s exciting to see where this will all lead. Will they be a team? Will she eventually go back home to New York? What brought her to Portland in the first place?

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A Woman Scorned …

Meanwhile, Adalind is on a determined mission to get her baby back. First, she turns to Nick and Juliet, then she attacks Renard in the parking garage. She finally goes to Monroe and Rosealee — and everyone has to act like they have no clue where her baby is. While that’s true, they of course, had a hand in the baby’s escape. But who knows where the heck Nick’s mother went off to?

Alone at Monroe and Rosealee’s house, she calls Viktor — because yeah, she knows the international phone number by heart? Right. Anyway, he’s delighted to realize that she believes he has her baby so he uses the situation to his advantage. He’ll help her if she does to Nick what he once did to her — take her power away. She’s only too happy to do whatever it takes to get her child back. 

Yikes. Maybe this is why a female Grimm is being introduced. Will Nick lose his powers?

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

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