For many Grey’s Anatomy fans, there may not be another relationship that was as emotional and is missed as much as Izzie and Denny. In season 2, she met him after he was admitted to Seattle Grace for a serious heart condition and the two fell for each other quickly. He died all too soon, and in many ways, could be blamed on Izzie who tried to take his treatment into her own hands. Denny left her an $8.7 million inheritance check, which she used to open up a free clinic in his name and his memory. This season, Denny (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) made a brief return in a dream sequence but rumor has it that Izzie will be seeing him again very soon.

The news of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s return came courtesy of Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, who reported that he’ll appear on the November 6th episode. He could not give the reason for Denny’s appearance, claiming that Shonda Rhimes would kill him, but did reveal one detail that have Grey’s fans in a panic. “I’ll leave you with this tantalizing clue: Something happens in the episode that could easily set the stage for a Heigl departure at season’s end. I’m not saying it will; only that it could,” he said.

Rumors circulated that Izzie was suffering from a brain tumor and therefore, seeing dead people.  Perhaps she’d become a patient for Derek and Meredith’s clinical trial – if that rumor was true.  Ausiello assures fans that there is no health crisis saying that her possible exit  “pertains to a very dark day in Izzie’s professional career that rears its ugly head again.”

In other Grey’s couples news, and regarding one where both members are completely and totally alive, Patrick Dempsey told USA Today recently that he’s been hearing wedding bells. “There may be a wedding,” he said. “I think so. I don’t think it will be a typical marriage. Rumor has it that something might be happening. I think they have to. It’s time for them to get together.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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