Welcome back, Grey’s Anatomy fans! Tonight’s season 10 (!) two-part premiere (“Seal Our Fate” and “I Want You With Me”) picked up moments from where we left off in May. So where were we? Let’s review. Meredith had just given birth to baby Bailey. April professed her love to Jackson after he almost got blown up. Callie and Arizona’s marriage imploded in the wake of the latter’s infidelity while Cristina broke things off with Owen (again) over the issue of children. Alex and Jo finally kissed. And Richard was seemingly lifeless after appearing to get electrocuted. Did he survive? More on that later. For now let’s delve into the aftermath of the storm and assess both the damage and the hope for recovery.


One of these days the GA writers are going to run out of disaster scenarios, but in the meantime the Super Storm was followed by a mudslide, which I suppose is one of the more realistic catastrophes featured on the show over the years. The ER was overwhelmed with incoming patients, staff couldn’t make it into work due to the storm and supplies were dangerously low. The result was utter chaos as our intrepid surgeons struggled to save lives under the worst of circumstances. 

Paging Dr. Webber

It seemed to take an eternity, but Miranda finally realized that Richard should have turned up and sent Intern Shane to look for him. Shane discovered that Dr. Webber had gone to check on the power supply but in a twist of jealously told Heather that Dr. Sheppard wanted her to go find Webber. Still with me? What happened next was as tragic as it was predictable. Shane took Heather’s place alongside McDreamy and Heather ran to help Richard and got electrocuted for her trouble. A horrified Shane eventually discovered them both and got them medical help. But would it be too little, too late?

Richard Lives! RIP Heather…

Due to the joint efforts of Cristina, Miranda, Owen, and Meredith (who discovered that Richard had named her his medical advocate…surprise!) Richard somehow survived to fight another day. However, I’m fairly certain that there will be more to all of this. This is Grey’s Anatomy. He wouldn’t just be fine. Right? Sigh. I love Richard.

Meanwhile, the damage to Heather Brooks was catastrophic and Derek was unable to save his protegee. Oh, Mousey. You were my favorite intern. How could you leave us with the rest of that motley crew? It’s clear the writers are trying to shove Shane, Jo, Leah, and Stephanie down our throats as GA: The Next Generation, but I’m not buying it. You?

Callie’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Despite Callie announcing Arizona’s indiscretion to the rest of the hospital board, AZ held out hope that their marriage can be mended. Um…maybe not. Callie was distraught, devastated, and filled with rage, usually simultaneously. She wouldn’t listen to Arizona in any way, shape, or form and (having somehow found the time to move herself and Sofia out of the apartment in the midst of all this craziness) sought refuge at MerDer’s Dreamhouse while shutting Arizona out completely. Ouch.

No Easy Answers

Meanwhile, Cristina and Owen looked longingly at each other. I had to laugh as Cristina (acting just like a wife) insisted on putting notes into Owen’s phone, despite his protests. “You’re a challenging person,” he said, wistfully. “I know,” she replied. Then came the developments I did not see coming. Owen declared that had he known it was the last time, their “last time” would have been more memorable, which led to not one, but TWO rounds of “one for the road” sex. And then came the heartbreak as Cristina confessed that even though she had broken things off, that didn’t mean it was easy for her. “It’s not easy for me!” she sobbed as Owen held her close. These two kill me. Kill me.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Finally, April Kepner was even more of a mess than usual. As you may recall, Cutie Patootie Paramedic Matthew proposed to her in a flash mob number. She accepted. Then Jackson almost died, which stirred up all sorts of feelings April has for “Pretty Eyes” Avery. She basically offered to ditch her fiance for him. He rejected her. Then the fiance suggested they call things off, which would be the sensible thing to do, given the circumstances. But did April do that? No! She insisted that she wants to marry Matthew, proposed to him, and they got all twirly and giddy. One thing is certain. This will lead to no good. Oh, my head. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

So what do you think? Will Richard have complications from his near-death experience? Is Calzona beyond repair? What about Crowen? Will we have to endure April’s dithering the entire season? And how about those interns? Are they growing on you or are you as fed up as I am? Sound off in the comments! 

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Everybody’s Crying Mercy” airs Thursday, October 3 on ABC. 

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