It takes more than an attractive smile and sexy physique to win over the hearts and souls of dedicated TV fans. (Of course, that certainly helps speed the process along). But good looks can only get you so far. Sometimes a little charisma can go a long way. From rebellious bad boys to morally corrupt lawyers, these smooth talkers possess enough power of persuasion to make the world their own personal oyster. Check out our list of TV’s biggest charmers and see what it is that makes them so…well…charming.

#12 Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Oh, Phil. Lovable, gullible, completely adorable Phil. From his daring displays of tightrope walking to his page-turning Phil’s-osophy Scrapbook, this guy always knows how to capture our attention as well as our hearts. It isn’t easy to make awkward look charming, but if anyone’s up to the challenge it’s Phil Dunphy.

#11 Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s great and all, but let’s face it, his golden boy heroics fall short when compared to his bad boy brother. This charismatic vamp’s combination of self confidence and quick-witted sarcasm makes him an ideal candidate for this list. Sure, he tends to lean toward the whole “kill now, ask questions later” approach, but one look into those piercing blue eyes and all seems forgiven. He’s called the Smolderholder for a reason.

#10 Shawn Spencer, Psych

Anyone who uses their powers of deductive reasoning for the greater good deserves some recognition. And while Shawn can come across as rash and immature, he also genuinely cares about the victims he encounters and wants to see justice prevail in their favor. You don’t need to be a psychic to see that there’s more to this guy than meets the eye, adding an extra layer of appeal to an already complex character.

Shawn Spencer, Psych

#9 Prince Charming/David Nolan, Once Upon a Time

As if the title didn’t give it away already, this fairy tale hero is literally a knight in shining armor. Whether he’s fighting off evil queens or pledging his undying love to the lovely Snow White, Charming always knows just what to say to make a girl swoon.

#8 Eric Northman, True Blood

Where to begin? Though Eric can be cold and calculating, this thousand-year-old vamp doesn’t need glamoring to get what he wants. (That 6-pack of his does most of the talking for him). But it’s more than just about looks. His unyielding sense of loyalty to those he loves is enough to charm the pants off of any mortal (or immortal, for that matter). That sexy grunt doesn’t hurt things either. The undead has never looked so good — and you can take that to the blood bank.

#7 Neal Caffrey, White Collar

Known to many as a world-class forger and conman, this sly mastermind has turned getting-what-you-want into a full-time career. And the way he can pull off a suit – it’s no wonder the man knows how to turn heads (or maybe he conned me into saying that). But even underneath all the lies and charisma, he’s a diehard romantic who would go to any lengths in the name of love. Neal Caffrey may not be a name you can trust, but it will be a name (and face) you’ll always remember.

Neal Caffrey, White Collar

#6 Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Haaaave you met Barney? His “suit up” style alone could earn him this title. Seriously, this guy possesses the best combination of swag and all-out hilarity that’s nearly impossible to resist. And while he may come across as a cocky ladies man at times, underneath all that sarcasm lies a heart of solid gold. And let’s not forget about those legendary magic tricks!

Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

#5 Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad

On a series like Breaking Bad it’s hard for a supporting character to steal the show, but Bob Odenkirk’s portrayal of the morally-questionable lawyer Saul Goodman leaves fans begging for more each and every week. (Why do you think he’s getting his own spin-off show?) This man knows how to deliver a line and make each scene count, no matter how minor it may be. And just remember that when the chips are down, he’s always just a phone call away — Better Call Saul!

#4 Don Draper, Mad Men

No one can sell a product like Don Draper. He owns what he does and always exudes a take-charge attitude, making him the best ad man in the biz. Now if only he was as good of a husband as he is a business man. But even with his flaws, there’s no denying how mad we are for this man.

Don Draper, Mad Men

#3 Tony DiNozzo, NCIS

On the surface, this senior field agent can come across as your typical, run-of-the-mill bad boy. He’s a womanizer, cocky as hell, and has a deep-rooted fear of commitment. But upon closer inspection you’ll find Tony to be one of the most lovable, charming goofballs you’ll ever come across on TV. His humor and dedication to the job are only matched by his surprisingly impressive knowledge of movie trivia. Seriously, this guy is like a walking IMDB. Adorable.

#2 Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

As one of the most educated and cunning men in all of Westeros, Tyrion is constantly underestimated and overlooked because of his size. But this Lannister proves that the true measure of a man should lie within his moral honor rather than his height. And while he may enjoy a glass of wine or two (or ten), he’s demonstrated genuine kindness and compassion to many of those around him, particularly with Sansa and Shae. Plus, he’s one of the few who isn’t afraid to put Joffrey in his place. If that isn’t enough to charm you, then I don’t know what will.

#1 Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

Okay, I know. I’m a terrible person for putting this guy on the list, right? Maybe I should see a shrink. (Get it?) But you can’t deny the world would be far less exciting without Dr. Lecter in our lives. His wealth of knowledge and exquisite taste always make us want to come back for seconds. Plus, you don’t become the most renowned serial killer in the world without knowing how to work a crowd. Bon appetite, indeed!

Kelly Schremph

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV