On this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled ” You Really Got a Hold on Me,” Jackson struggles to accept April’s new lifestyle, Amelia calls on her old mentor to help with Kimmie and the doctors work to save two brothers. 

The tribe of women doctors living in Casa Grey have some problems: Maggie can’t figure out how to spend the hundred grand she’s been awarded to proceed with the research in the Surgical Innovation Contest, Meredith has to convince a 90-year-old Spanish doctor to give her his patent on the cross-polymer she needs to replicate human organs for her project before April finds out she’s a “fraud” and a “disgrace,” and Amelia’s got zero dollars to figure out how to get rid of Kimmie’s brain tumor.

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A Blast from Amelia’s Past

Alex learns that the reason he and Amelia’s proposal was rejected was due to the fact that April didn’t think they’d be able to find test subjects with willing patients. Alex has no intention on giving up on Kimmie, but he’s worried about Kimmie’s attitude.

Amelia and Alex have been experimenting with ultrasound frequencies to shatter the tumor, but they haven’t had any success, so Amelia calls in a reinforcement, Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann). This is Amelia’s former professor who in addition to removing her tumor, promptly slept with her afterwards. He appears more interested in flirting with Amelia and antagonizing Alex than he does in helping with Kimmie.

Work and Play

April’s still exploring her more hedonistic side. She’s wandering around the hospital dragging an IV that contains a nice little hangover cure. Jackson is concerned to learn that April was out partying the night before.

Bailey’s back at work, and she’s determined to live a more healthy lifestyle. Richard worries she’s going to push herself too hard, too soon. Maggie has cleared Bailey to be in the OR, but Richard isn’t so sure. He thinks he has to babysit Bailey instead of trusting Maggie’s professional assessment.

A New Badass Chick in Town

Ben arrives with two brothers who he pulled from a house fire. The boys were conducting a chemistry experiment, and needless to say, things went terribly wrong. The younger brother, Zach, has an abdominal injury, and the only thing keeping him from bleeding out is that first responder, Andrea Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) has a grasp on a vital organ. (This is the big crossover event, promoting the upcoming Grey’s spin-off, Station 19.)

They’ve got to move the patient to the operating room without Andrea moving her hand so much as an inch. If this seems like deja vu, it’s because Meredith found herself with her hands stuck inside a patient who was a human time bomb, and if she let go, boom!!

Taryn’s cell phone rings, and it’s the doctor from Madrid who holds the patent Meredith needs. Meredith had instructed Jo and Taryn to get her if the man called, no exceptions. But with a young boy’s life hanging in the balance and April standing inches away, Meredith can’t take the phone. She instructs Taryn, aka “Hellmouth,” to deal with it.

Ben’s having trouble adapting to his new role. As Owen works on Tyler, the older of the brothers, Ben’s in full doc mode. He’s also trying to comfort Tyler who is completely freaked out that he may have killed his sibling. Owen finally throws Ben out, and he tracks down Meredith and Andrea who are still trying to get Zach into surgery. Ben wants to stay and make sure the boys are okay, but Andrea reminds him that his job is to be at the station to take calls in case he needs to help other people.

Despite the seriousness of Kimmie’s situation, the Alex/Amelia/DeLuca/Bello team provides some comic relief, particularly Dr. Koracick who continues to be flirtatious, dismissive and glib. Bello is a nervous wreck around the surgeon because she’s a huge fan, and she’s mortified with DeLuca lets that cat out of the bag. Bello’s also so distracted, she catches her lab coat on fire with the laser beam. This leads Koracick to comment, “I can’t believe this project hasn’t been funded.”

Dahlia’s working with Owen to deal with Tyler’s injuries, and she’s proving to be a pretty adept intern. That is up until the moment he leaves her with the groggy young boy who pulls a shard of medal out of his leg which causes a literal bloodbath — that pesky femoral artery. She’s quick on her feet, making a tourniquet out of her head hijab, and Owen praises Dahlia for her ingenuity.

Party People in the House

Jackson is curious what’s up with April and decides to ask Arizona if he should be worried that she’s hungover and using the word “party” as a verb. Arizona assures him that April’s just working through some issues, but she’s coming out of it (she thinks). Jackson’s really thrown by his ex’s behavior since she never acted like this when they were together. Arizona points out that April may not have been that way with him, but they aren’t together anymore. She remembers that she had no fun watching Callie fall in love after they broke up. Arizona thinks April is having fun and trying to be happy without him, so he should try to be happy for April.

Alex wants Amelia to send Koracick home, convinced the doc only showed up to have sex with Amelia, but she refuses. She knows the guy is a tool, but he can offer insight that Alex can’t. The one thing they both agree on is they don’t want Koracick going anywhere near Kimmie. But DeLuca winds up blowing that plan out of the water when Koracick can’t figure out why Amelia’s hell bent on rushing the process.

Alex and Amelia find Koracick arguing with Kimmie…about musicals. He may be a tool, but he’s got a good bedside manner. His visit lifts Kimmie’s spirits. Koracick likes Kimmie, and he has no doubt they’ll figure out how to make the ultrasound technique work and save lives — but Kimmie’s won’t be one of them. Kimmie’s only got a few months to live — if she’s lucky — and Alex and Amelia aren’t even close to perfecting the procedure.

Meredith and April get Zach into surgery and wind up having to recruit Andrea to help. She’s scared, and Meredith reminds Andrea she’s a badass fire chief, so this should be no big deal. Andrea and Meredith have a lot in common. Both women had overachievers as parents who introduced them to their respective fields at very young ages, so Meredith isn’t about to accept any excuses. They clamp the wound, and Andrea is finally able to remove her hand.

Owen, Dahlia and Bailey operate on Tyler, and Webber is hovering over Bailey like a helicopter parent. The surgery promises to be lengthy, and he wants to step in for her. They argue, trying not to reveal that Bailey had a heart attack (her absence has been explained as a vacation). She’s choosing to keep this their little secret which explains why Owen’s so confused by the back-and-forth between Bailey and an overly-solicitous Webber. Also lingering is Ben who can’t bring himself to leave the hospital and is concerned about both Bailey and Tyler.

But things are so weird between Bailey and Webber, she feels she has no choice but to reveal the truth about her heart attack. Miranda also makes it clear that she knows better than to show up at work if she’s not ready or to put a child’s life at risk.

Things aren’t just awkward in the OR. Maggie is having hot sex with Clive, and Arizona is having even hotter sex with Carina, and Jackson saunters up in the middle of their girl talk. Maggie immediately shuts it down, but Jackson does a terrible job hiding his jealously. He concocts a story about having a hot date of his own. Maggie flees the scene, and then Jackson overhears Vik bragging to Levi, aka “Glasses,” about his own carnal exploits with April. Jackson sends Vik off to drain an infected abscess.

First Response

Because this is a crossover event, we have to spend some more time with Andrea. She’s so pumped that she got to clamp an aorta, she’s not even pissed when she discovers Ben didn’t follow her orders. He offers to get her front row seat to see how things turn out, and they go to the gallery.

Andrea’s impressed that Ben used to be a doctor and can’t understand why he would walk away from something that he was good at and that paid well. Ben explains that he wants to do more. He likes being the first one on the scene who gets to do whatever it takes to save a life (unlike when he opened up a man’s chest with a clipboard).

Koracick is ready to pack it up and call it a day. He just feels Amelia’s expectations and deadlines are too unrealistic. Amelia goes all sentimental, but Koracick isn’t easily manipulated. He thinks that Amelia wasting her time on the ultrasound procedure is doing a disservice to Kimmie because it will not prevent her from dying. Amelia’s focus needs to be on more realistic alternatives. Their argument leads to a lightbulb moment for Koracick. They need more beams. This gives them more variables.

Meredith is still operating when Taryn arrives with the phone. It’s the doctor from Madrid. But April’s there, and Meredith is screwed. That is until Andrea steps in (Meredith gave Andrea brief rundown of her predicament while Andrea’s hand was still inside Zach.) Andrea tells Taryn the call is for her. Meredith and April can hear Andrea speaking in Spanish over the intercom (luckily, April isn’t fluid in Espanola). Webber discovers Andrea and Ben in the gallery and tells Ben in no uncertain terms that he made his choice, and he has to let go.

Both Zach and Tyler survive their surgeries. Amelia and Koracick’s idea works, sort of. The glass beaker lasts longer than during any other attempt, so it’s a start. Andrea informs Meredith that the doctor who holds the patent she needs is coming to the states and has agreed to hear her pitch. Ben accepts what he’s given up thanks to some encouragement from Bailey. Jackson lets April know he’s worried about her, and she makes it clear that he’s Harriet’s dad, not hers.

But when Arizona sees April, aka “The Party,” living it up with the interns, it’s obvious she’s rethinking the advice she gave Jackson. It might be time for an intervention.

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Are you excited for the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Station 19? Do Amelia and Koracick make a good couple? Will Amelia and Alex be able to save Kimmie? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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