The team loses a meta to DeVoe in “Subject 9,” so of course there are screw-ups in the episode. Which The Flash character makes the most mistakes of all?


Harry is not having great success these days. Distracted by his relationship with the absent Jesse, Harry’s often-notable tech skills fail repeatedly throughout “Subject 9.” His anti-psychic helmet for Cecile is practically useless due to its weight. Later, the Cerebral Inhibitor fails when put to the DeVoe test.

There is also the fact that Harry, as usual, screws up a lot when trying to make friends. Not only does he refer to Cecile in the most formal of terms, but he also mentally screams at her constantly. This is not the way to win friends.

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Having just been put on suspension, it is understandable that Barry Allen isn’t thinking things through clearly when he goes to confront Izzy the first time. Still, the level to which the Flash screws up at that meeting is impressive. He even makes Ralph look good!

Later, Barry’s flawed training techniques are key in driving Izzy straight into DeVoe’s arms. He does redeem himself a bit by taking on the villain directly, although — as always — Barry underestimates The Thinker’s skills and intelligence. At some point, Barry truly needs to figure this one out.

Team Flash

The errors of Team Flash as a whole begin early on when no one thinks to track down Izzy using her very public internet profile. Sure, the heroes are rarely dealing with a fame-hungry meta, but this is a serious oversight.

More important than this screw-up, however, is the fact that the team’s training activities quickly convince Izzy that she should take on the villain alone. It has been a few years now, and Team Flash should have better strategies for creating effective heroes.

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Team Flash may have pushed Izzy away, but it is her own choice to go out and face DeVoe on her own. This proves to be a huge, horrible mistake for the aspiring country-music star.


While The Thinker still seems to be winning in his/her fight against Team Flash, the mistakes are starting to add up. Most notably, DeVoe fails to realize that Izzy has a power that can quickly and decidedly hurt him/her.

Even more disturbing is the screw-up that happens a short time later: DeVoe gets snippy with his/her wife when she points out the failure. Mrs. DeVoe is most likely the key to defeating The Thinker in the end, and it is errors like this that will hasten that situation.

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Which member of Team Flash was the biggest screw-up in “Subject 9”? Does DeVoe make bigger mistakes than the good guys? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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