An idle brain is the devil’s playground. Or workshop. Or something like that. In “Idle Hands” Meredith went on and on in her customary opening voiceover about the dangers of having too much time on your hands and I was bracing myself for the worst. Instead, this proved to be a light and funny episode in which our doctors continued to learn how to run a hospital, Calzona got their groove back, and MerDer found out the sex of McBaby.

We’re in Charge

Picking up from last week’s terrific “Transplant Wasteland”, we soon discover that several weeks have elapsed and our merry band of surgeons are still getting the hang of managing a hospital, now called Grey Sloan Memorial. It’s a slow day at GSMH and there’s a lot of frustration going around as the new board members are tired of being “pitched” all the time for money. They’re also weary of spending hours in meetings and doing administrative tasks at the expense of actually getting to be surgeons. Even the purchase of a new, state-of-the-art full body scanner (which takes a picture in a mere 13 seconds) can’t off-set their lingering doubts about the new logo and whether or not the new coffee cup sleeves were worth the money.

On the upside, by episode’s end, things are looking up. Cristina finagles her way into a cutting-edge clinical trial. Miranda gets funding for her Human Genome Mapping Project. Jackson gets to be a doctor for the day. And Owen’s beloved ER reopens with a completely new design and bright and shiny technology, including the aforementioned scanner. 

Baby Got Back

Callie and Arizona have been in a funk. It’s been a rough go since the plane crash that took Arizona’s leg and one of the casualties amongst many is Calzona’s love life. Callie’s been understanding and Arizona’s been trying to pull it together, but they’ve been out-of-sync for months on end to the frustration of both. After a few false starts and some meaningful moments (both funny and tender) they finally make a breakthrough. Red lingerie and massages are involved.

The Three Musketeers

Alex Karev spends the episode with a young patient who has a crush on Dr. Wilson. Doctor and patient join forces (along with Richard!) to prank Jo’s boyfriend all day long. They chase him all over the hospital for phantom pages. They embarrass him in the ER ala The Simpsons  by having him ask for a made-up patient with a funny name (Jenny Talia). They send him to Dr. Bailey with a fresh urine sample for a fake drug test. Alas, Boyfriend in the Pink Scrubs (Jason?) gets the last laugh. He confronts Karev about the pranks and then gloats about who will be getting some action with Jo that night. Nice, Jason. Classy. Your move, Alex.

Three Arms and A Tail

Dark and Twisty Meredith are back in a big way. She’s convinced that something terrible is going to happen to McBaby and wants to be prepared for the worst. She spends the day imagining all of the terrible conditions her baby could have. To make matters worse both Mer and Der have bad days on the Patient Anvil front. Meredith works with a school teacher who comes in with stomach pain that’s presumed to be gallstones and turns out to be inoperable terminal cancer. Meanwhile, Derek deals with a freaked out father who is devastated that he spent his whole life protecting his daughter and teaching her how to protect herself, yet in a freak accident, she is catastrophically injured. Fortunately, at the end of the day, they go to their ultrasound appointment and find out that their baby has all of its toes and eleven fingers. 

Wait. What? That’s right. It’s a boy!

Grey’s Anatomy returns next week with an all-new episode, “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, airing March 28 on ABC.

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Janalen Samson

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