Every kid leaves the nest eventually. In “The Doom in the Gloom,” it’s time for Sweets to move out of Brennan and Booth’s place, which becomes more sentimental than any of them ever could’ve imagined. And, is the writing on the wall for Sweets and Daisy to get back together?

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

At first, Brennan didn’t like the idea of Sweets coming to live with them. But he became an official member of her little family, especially seeing how good he is with baby Christine, which is totally adorable. He’s going to be such a good dad one day!

Anyway, Brennan and Booth are way sentimental about him moving out. He visits them at the diner to deliver news about the latest case when he also breaks the news he’d be moving out within the day. You can tell how Brennan feels just by looking into her eyes at that moment. When he won’t even stay for lunch, it’s like disappointment/sadness/longing a parent feels (I would imagine, since I’m not a parent) when the child already has one foot out the door, not wanting to make the most of their last hours together.

Will Three Be A Crowd?

Sweets and Daisy share somewhat of a tender moment at the lab (although it’s hard to take Daisy seriously when I feel like her eyebrows are going to jump out of the screen). For a moment, I thought they were getting back together. Either that, or that’s the road we were headed.

Until Sweets’ new roommates come over to Booth and Brennan’s to help him carry his stuff. And it’s two young, pretty women! Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be getting back together with Daisy at all.

The best part is one of the girls calling out goodbye to “Mr. and Mrs. Sweets” before telling Sweets how hot his “dad” is. Like Brennan and Booth can actually be his parents!

Love Kills

This week’s case was a bit all over the place. The victim is a former Marine sergeant who pretty much ruined the career of a comrade. But in the end, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the case at all. Instead, it’s about a group of doomsday preppers, a pretty current topic to touch. They had built a bunker to hide when the world ends. So before? After? I don’t really know how this works.

Anyway, the killer is what a lot of killings are over: revenge. For being the “other woman.” The victim had been sleeping with one of the doomsday worker’s husband, and angry wife decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally, since Brennan checked wife’s fingernails for traces of the boobytrap she built to giver herself an alibi when the sergeant was killed by an explosion.

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Esther Gim

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