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It was a moment 12 seasons in the making. Miranda Bailey became the first female Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This week’s episode, “Walking Tall,” explored her very first day on the job, which she wanted to be “perfect,” but that was not to be. The day could be described in many words, but “perfect” would not be among them. To the contrary, it was a day plagued by one misstep after another and a crisis of epic proportion as Miranda’s dream job quickly became her worst nightmare.

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Giant Problems 

One of the really cool things in season 12 are some great new sets, one of which is the new anatomy lab. As the episode opened, Meredith was teaching both her students and the audience (via the opening voice over) about the pituitary gland, which apparently coordinates all of the bodies eleven systems. Likewise the Chief of Surgery acts a the “pituitary gland” of the staff, overseeing all operations. So was anyone surprised when a patient named Jade turned out to have a tumor of the … wait for it…pituitary gland on Bailey’s first day as Chief? Not subtle, but still rather effective.¬†

Miranda approached her very first day with a mixture of excitement and apprehension but masked it all under a no-nonsense, take charge demeanor which backfired spectacularly almost immediately. She missed her own congratulatory party, piled work on Meredith, and expected another group of attending physicians to work a miracle in four hours in order to treat the aforementioned Jade for both the tumor and a major spinal problem caused by her extreme growth (she’s seven foot two inches tall and growing!). Long story short: the surgeons complained, Bailey freaked out and yelled at them, things got bad and Jade almost died on the table, but the team pulled together and saved her. Meanwhile, Richard (who will always be The Chief in my heart despite my love for Owen as Chief 2.0) gave Miranda one of his patented Yoda talks and set her on the right path. By the end of the day, Bailey had checked on her patient, praised her team of surgeons and appointed Meredith the Chief of General Surgery. Not a bad day’s work all things considered.

In A Bubble

Meanwhile, April was back at work after returning from her latest Army medic stint in the Middle East but she had a scary looking rash all over her back and had to be quarantined until a diagnosis could be made. What followed was a series of scenes both humorous and heartbreaking, as visitors came and talked to April (Richard, Owen) or, conversely, refused to talk to her at all (Jackson). April and Jackson are at an impasse following the loss of their infant son and April’s two subsequent tours of duty, both of which were against Jackson’s wishes. Jackson seems to feel that the relationship is past the point of no return but April is refusing to let go, saying that they took vows and she will fight for their marriage even if Jackson will not. (Side note: The rash is some sort of dermatitis. Nothing major. Whew.)

In An Elevator

Some of Grey’s Anatomy’s best scenes over the years have taken place in elevators. Maybe because the characters are literally trapped and have no choice but to talk to each other. That’s finally what Owen had to do. Amelia was evading him at every turn, so he finally corned her in the elevator and asked her what gives. Was she angry? Confused? Amelia picked confused and asks for clarity in their relationship, which led to lots of kissing in the elevator. I wish I could get behind this pairing, but for now, I just can’t and I don’t think it’s just the Crowen fan in me talking. These are two wounded people who are looking for love but can they finally find it in each other? I just don’t know. Longtime readers of my recaps know that Owen is my guy and I believe he deserves happiness, stability and peace. Does Amelia Shepherd offer these things? Not so much. She is dithering at best and volatile at worst — brilliant but scattered and perpetually needy and insecure. I know she’s been through a lot. But so has he. And I not sure he needs her crazy. There. I said it. I’m just not feeling Omelia. Feel free to agree or not in the comments.

Bits and Pieces

* Callie is dating and enamored with a new woman whom we’ve yet to see onscreen. Arizona doesn’t seem to be handling it well.

* Jo is annoyed that Stephanie is so much better at, well, pretty much everything. Whatever. I’m Team Stephanie. (Sorry. Not sorry.)

* One of the new interns (whose name is apparently Cross?) seems to be crushing on Jo. Yawn.

* Alex Karev remains awesome. Why do we only see him for two minutes per episode? Thankfully, if the promo for next week is to be believed, that may be about to change.


Amelia: “All of the department heads are women. Neuro, cardio…”

Jackson (nodding at Owen): “We got trauma.”

Amelia: “Ortho…”

Owen (to Jackson): “Let it go.”

Amelia: “Fetal…”

Callie: “Badass! Ladies! This place is run by ladies. It’s Ladyplace.”

April: “I have on paper panties! Do you know how paper panties feel?”

Arizona: “I imagine that there’s some chaffing.”

Callie (to Owen): “Can you be Chief again? I loved you as Chief.”

Jackson: “You did stay out of people’s hair.”

Maggie: “Very ‘hands off’. And great ties.”

Callie: “I love Bailey, but power…”

Maggie: “Corrupts.”

Callie: “She’s an iron-fisted dictator.”

Meredith: “She’s a Bond villain.”

Richard (to Miranda): “They are generals. They know how to mobilize. What they need is a leader.”

Miranda (to Meredith): “When Webber had this job it was easier for him. And Hunt had it easier than I do. You know why? Because they had ME. I need a me. And I believe that you can be a me for me. I need you to be my me.”

April (to Jackson): “You are wrong. We are worth fighting for. I’m gonna fight. And I’m gonna win.”

Miranda: “Tomorrow I will be better.”

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