The world of superheroes is getting smaller, at least on The CW. First, Arrow, spun off The Flash and next year, the two will beget another show. Deadline reports, Dominic Purcell will reprise a role he played in the freshman season of The Flash in a new spin-off.

Purcell portrays Mick Rory (AKA Heat Wave) in the new show and will team up with Wentworth Miller who will be reprising his role of Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) The two actors starred together previously in the FOX series, Prison Break. It’s not too difficult to know who is who with this DC Comics odd couple. Heat Wave sports a travel-sized flamethrower and is a hot head. Polar opposite, Captain Cold, has a freeze gun in his holster that will freeze anything to absolute zero in no time flat. He must be fun to have around at parties when the beverages get warm.

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Speaking of the CW, during PaleyFest, preview trailers for both Arrow season 3 and The Flash were shown to eager fans. While both are intriguing, the one for Arrow may have a slight edge as it shares about a prophecy about Ra’s al Ghul. The prophecy states that “the man who doesn’t perish at the blade of Ra’s al Ghul will become Ra’s al Ghul” and the hooded one appears to be seriously thinking of taking up the offer.

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Meanwhile, The Flash, known for its more light-hearted approach to the genre, may look a little darker this season as Barry comes closer to finding out who it was that killed his mother, new villains and a few new super-friends will be introduced, Barry shows his true feelings for Iris and Eddie Thawne shows his true colors. Yikes.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW. 

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