The best quotes from the second episode of season 6 of Supernatural.

#17 “Either we got monsters grabbing babies to make baby stew or we got a bunch of psychotic yokels grabbing babies to make baby stew. Either way, it’s baby stew, which is bad.”


#16 “Ben, mark my words: You will never, ever shoot a gun. Ever!”


#15 “Welcome to the party, Guttenberg.”

-Sam to Dean upon Dean seeing the baby, a reference to Steve Guttenberg starring in the film Three Men and a Baby

#14 “Dean, no offense, but if you don’t walk out that door, I’m gonna shoot you.”

-Lisa laying down the law

#13 “I’m pretty sure that there’s some kind of paste or jelly you’re supposed to put on their butt.”

-Dean on what babies need

#12 “Give me the baby before I stab you in your neck.”

-Dean to the shapeshifter posing as a sweet old lady

#11 “Who designed this thing, NASA?”

-Dean on the car seat

#10 “I’ll pay you money if you sit still. This is like diffusing an IED with poop.””

-Dean trying to negotiate with the baby while changing its diaper

#9 “You got a whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off you. You’re like father material.”

-Sam describing Dean, comparing him to the dad from The Cosby Show

#8 “I’ve never seen a baby monster before.”

-Sam on the shifter baby

#7 “What the hell are we gonna do with it? We can’t actually drop it off at an orphanage. They might get upset when it turns Asian.”

-Dean on the shifter baby

#6 “You got something to say? No? All right. Well, you just stand there and think at me.”

-Dean to the always silent Mark

#5 “You can’t Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter.”

-Dean on why adopting the shifter baby and raising it as a hunter is a bad idea

#4 “Congrats, it’s a boy. Sometimes.”

-Samuel to Christian after giving him the shifter baby

#3 “No, I didn’t catch it. It killed three of my people. I shot it full of elephant tranquilizer and it chuckled. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to find it, but yeah, we will find a way to catch it. … Yeah, sure, I’ll bring it right to you. Gift wrapped.”

-Samuel to the mysterious person who he apparently is working for to collect monsters

#2 “If I knew for sure what the safest thing was, then I’d do it. Stay here and look after you guys or get as far away as I possibly can. I don’t know.”

-Dean to Lisa, proving what a good guy he is

#1 “If there’s some rule that says this all has to be either/or, how about we break it? Me and Ben will be here and you come when you can. Just come in one piece, OK?”

-Lisa, the most understanding woman in the world, telling Dean to go be a hunter with Sam

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