I confess: In the beginning, I didn’t give Grey’s Anatomy a chance. Like countless other heterosexual males, the stigma of Grey’s Anatomy as a “chick” show was enough to keep me away during its first two seasons. Did I watch an episode and then make a decision? No. Did I read reviews and base my decision off of that? No, of course not.

My only basis for judgment on Grey’s Anatomy were the girls I knew who watched and loved the show. Why would the fact that people I know (and generally like) love a show deter me from giving Grey’s a shot. I mean, there are enough superficial aspects of Grey’s Anatomy that hold some value for the male viewer, not the least of which being, simply, the involvement of Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl.

The answer is simple: pride. Foolish pride keeps millions of people from watching shows that they would otherwise enjoy. Once I took a public stand against Grey’s Anatomy (uninformed as it might have been) I was personally obligated to boycott the show as long as I kept bashing it to my friends. And I presume this is the situation that countless others find themselves in.

The same thing occurred during the first season of The OC. I wouldn’t give in originally, I was above it (or something similarly vague). However, once it became clear that that first season was something that viewers almost universally enjoyed, I jumped on the bandwagon. And, guess what? I loved it.

The problem with Grey’s Anatomy had been that most of the guys I knew who ended up watching the show were introduced to it by their girlfriends. Like I’m going to trust those guys. Usually, they just want you to share in their misery. “Yeah, man, we watched that Reese Witherspoon movie and it was pretty good. You should check it out.” Sure. You can’t fool me, Girlfriend Guy.

So, I grudgingly checked out this season’s premiere of Grey’s Anatomy in order to review it, and I’ve been hooked ever since. This legitimately surprised me, because I was wholly convinced that I would despise the show.

Here’s the point: Whenever a show is ridiculously popular, it’s for a good reason. Some shows are shameless, popcorn entertainment (CSIDancing with the Stars), but those are easily recognizable. What I should have realized is that, given the subject matter, Grey’s Anatomy had to be really good. Millions and millions of people wouldn’t be watching a hospital dramedy if it were terrible and overly melodramatic.

I am now an enlightened TV watcher. If a popular show is ostensibly a “chick” show, I am no longer scared of it. I will jump into it, open-minded, with the hope that it is actually good. I advise all you Grey’s Anatomy haters (you know who you are) to do the same.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV