Gimore Girls had an all-new episode last night and it was a clear as day example of the new direction of the show. It felt like Gilmore Girls, but the characters were acting different. I’m just not sure how I feel about it. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s departure has never been felt so deeply, yet it wasn’t in a bad way. The writing is different. It’s not as funny, I think. Still funny, mind you, but I certainly don’t laugh as much as in past seasons. But, again, I didn’t notice this change while watching the episode.

Confusing, right? Well, my apologies. I’m also a bit confused. TVSquad has an insightful recap that, although I don’t entirely agree with it, has a more than valid point of view.

We all need to realize that while the writing isn’t the same as Palladino’s, it sounds the same. This is for one reason and one reason only: the actors. Lauren Graham, especially, sells every line she’s given, whether it’s on par with previous seasons or not. I’m beginning to enjoy more and more where new show runner David S. Rosenthal is taking Gilmore Girls; the characters are maturing, especially Lorelai, and lives are changing. This is realistic and I vehemently disagree with those who hate the new direction Lorelai’s life is taking with Christopher by her side. This is how life really works and I applaud the writers for the bold direction Gilmore Girls is taking.

What do you all think? Is Gilmore Girls going in the right direction? Are the characters evolving or are they just out of character? Am I being overly optimistic or is the show declining rapidly?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV