This is not exactly new news, but it has recently come to my attention that Grey’s Anatomy‘s newest intern, sweet, young Lexie Grey, has a much more sinister past than you might have realized.

The New York Daily News reported way back in November of last year that they had unearthed a disturbing item in the résumé of Chyler Leigh. Back in 1997, when Leigh was just 15, she starred in a B movie called Kickboxing Academy. In the film, the Grey’s Anatomy actress’ romantic interest was played by her real-life brother, Christopher Khayman Lee.

There’s no shame in paying your dues in a low production movie early in your career, nor is there any shame in acting opposite your sibling. The really disturbing part is having kissing scenes with the aforementioned sibling. And not just one. There are a couple of them, helpfully compiled in this YouTube clip by “Praise Anatomy,” a Grey’s Anatomy fan vlog.

Here is the video, with commentary. The first kissing scene occurs at 2:45 into the clip.

As the hyper-enthusiastic commentator of Praise Anatomy describes it, “That is some primo sibling-on-sibling thespianism.” Indeed. The vloggers even take one of the scenes in slow motion, the better to examine the jaw action.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has not shied away from rapid-fire coupling change-ups on the show (Izzie loves Denny one minute and George the next), or sensationalized sex fantasy scenarios to draw in viewers. Remember the all-girl plus George shower scene that began the second season episode “It’s the End of the World” that immediately followed Super Bowl XL? Fortunately for Leigh, there hasn’t been any Lexie and Meredith half-sibling action this season, and I’m pretty sure there won’t ever be. I’m sure Chyler Leigh would like to keep her brush with McIncest firmly in her past.

Meanwhile, fans are rejoicing that, with the resolution of the WGA strike, Grey’s Anatomy is expected to shoot four to seven new episodes to air in April and May.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Huffington Post
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