It’s a tense two hours — especially for Ben and Bailey — in Grey’s Anatomy season 12 episodes 18, “There’s a Fine, Fine Line,” and 19, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).” When a Code Pink (missing kid) is called and there is a lock down, Ben performs and emergency C-section to try to save mother and child, but neither make it. After, it falls on Bailey to figure out how to discipline her husband.

Here are the craziest moments from “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” and “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).”

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Code Pink!

Before the first commercial break, the hospital is already dealing with a missing child. But the child is found pretty quickly (he was hiding under the stairs), a sign that much crazier moments are still to come.

Bailey Discovers That Ben Performed an Emergency C-section in the Hallway During the Code Pink Lockdown

Greys 1218 1.jpg
Mother and baby don’t make it.

When Bailey Reviews the Footage, She Sees the Elevator Door Opened — and Ben Looked at It — Before Opening His Patient Up

He insists he didn’t see it. “You saw what you wanted to see. You made a choice that you wanted to make,” she tells him.

April Shows up at Arizona’s place, Worried That Something is Wrong with Her Baby

Greys 1219 1.jpg
But it turns out to be good news: her baby’s moving. And later on, April and Jackson feel the baby kick.

Bailey Ignores Omar’s DNR Order and Resuscitates Him

She wanted to give him one more chance. She tells his mother.

Callie Tells Arizona She Realized She Can Go with Penny to New York

Greys 1219 2.jpgAccording to Callie, it’s only a six-hour flight and Arizona can see Sofia whenever she wants. Not exactly a “walk by in the hallway” conversation. 

Bailey Suspends Ben for Six Months from the Residency Program

He’ll fall too far behind to get caught up, he protests. “For a surgeon, that’s a death sentence.”

Arizona Talks to April’s Lawyer about Custody of Sofia

Bailey Tells Ben the Six-Month Suspension is Special Treatment

Greys 1219 3.jpg“If you had been anyone else, you wouldn’t have been suspended. You would have been fired,” she reveals. “I wanted to fire you. I was talked down.” And it’s going to take her longer than six months to accept and forgive his “astonishing error in judgement.”

Omar Wakes Up

“In the last hour, he started moving, responding to verbal stimuli. And now vitals are stable. He is reoriented. This is one-in-a-million. It should not have happened,” Amelia says. “I was wrong, Bailey. You saved his life.”

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