Alfred and Bruce are going find a way to communicate on FOX’s Gotham, beginning with this Monday’s episode, “Lovecraft.” At New York Comic-Con, Sean Pertwee teased what to expect in that respect going forward and executive producer/director Danny Cannon discussed the city itself.

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Check out the video interview with Sean Pertwee:

Here are a few highlights:

  • He presents his “theory” about Alfred and how he got his job.
  • Bruno Heller “concentrates on the psychological element of the characters, so there’s a lot of pain.”
  • “There’s a lot of anger in there for both parties” for Alfred and Bruce.
  • They find a way of communicating by episode 10, where it all kicks off.
  • “He blames himself,” Pertwee says and has his own theory about where Alfred was the night of the murders. “He blames himself for not being there.”
  • “In many respects, he is the enabler.” You’ll see that in later episodes. “It takes a very vicious turn in some respects.”
  • “It goes a little haywire and then they find their way of communicating.”
  • Would he consider appearing on Doctor Who? “I’ve never been asked.”

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Check out the video interview with Danny Cannon:

Here are a few highlights:

  • “I wanted it to fit it into this great canon of work that’s been going for 75 years, but at the same time, make it contemporary, and at the same time, it’s 20 years from Batman basically.”
  • “New York in the ’70s was a brilliant, dangerous time.”
  • All the sets and design are “slightly askew… like the whole thing is crumbling.”
  • They talked about Grimm fairy tales. “There’s a dark fairy tale element to honor the comic book idea of it.”
  • “It feels real and relatable.”
  • “Nobody knows what period it is, but it feels comfortable because it all feels very familiar.”
  • Gotham is “without a doubt” a character, and that was Heller’s intention. “All the designing I did was on that,” Cannon says.
  • “To be talked about is really sometimes even better than being watched.”
  • He promises that “the show gets better and better, and there’s plenty to talk about.”
  • They have a great relationship with DC and ask about origins of various characters. “It’s quite amazing how many don’t have origins. Many characters just turned up as bad guys.”

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Gotham season 1 airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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