The winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder brings us back to day one, answering the question we’ve been dying to know all season — who killed Sam? The events of the bonfire start to play out in real time, the show filling in the gaps in the most awesome way. If we learned anything about watching this show, it’s that nothing is as it seems!

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It’s Going Down At The Keating House

On the last night of Sam’s life, Annalise and Sam are going at it. She’s had enough of Sam’s lies, packing her things as she confronts him about killing Lila. At first he’s proclaiming his love for her and that he still is the man she married. But when Annalise reveals that she was sleeping with Nate, throwing it in his face, Sam takes the gloves off. He shoves her up against a wall, his hands around her throat. Annalise taunts him, asking him to kill her just as he killed Lila. He regains his composure, lets her go and tells her how he really feels. He tells her that she was nothing but a piece of tail to him and he was only with her for the sex. That’s enough to send Annalise out the door and into her car, driving off. Who’s waiting outside ready to hack into Sam’s computer? Rebecca.

While Sam downs a couple of drinks in the kitchen, another familiar face shows up — Micheala. She doesn’t seem to get the message that Sam is not in the mood, asking to wait for Annalise to return to talk to her about the trophy. We can’t help but want to scream at the screen, telling her she needs to get up out of there. We get even more annoyed when Rebecca does a bad job sneaking in, Sam and Micheala seeing her trying to go upstairs.

Telling her to call Wes, Rebecca bolts upstairs and locks herself in the bedroom. Micheala is freaking out, calling her fellow classmate who’s in the car with Laurel and Connor trying to find Rebecca. Wes rattles her even more by telling her that Sam killed Lila. Micheala is officially hyperventilating.

Sam is banging on the door and Rebecca is downloading stuff off his computer. Wes and gang show up trying to calm him down and get Rebecca to come out of the room. When she’s done uploading whatever she found, she comes out claiming that she didn’t find anything. They all think they’re just going to leave quietly but we all know Sam has plenty of secrets and he can’t let Rebecca walk out with them. He tackles her to the ground, trying to get the jump drive out of her hand. He gets it but Laurel snatches it while he’s still on the ground. They all try to get to the stairs but when he dives towards Micheala and Laurel, he takes a nose dive off the railing and onto the floor.

So we’re thinking that no one actually killed him and it was all an accident. The students are all freaking out, trying to figure out who is at fault and what would they be charged with, etc. They all forgot about Rebecca until they heard her screaming downstairs. Sam wasn’t dead yet. He’s on top of Rebecca trying to choke her to death. Someone takes the trophy and bashes his head in – and that person is Wes.

Now all the flashbacks we’ve seen throughout the season play in real time. Wes cleaning off Rebecca, everyone freaking out in the Keating house, Asher going to the Keating house looking for Micheala and his trophy and Rebecca being stashed away in a Motel Room. The extent of what just happened finally hits Wes, apologizing over Sam’s body as he retrieves the trophy from the now crime scene. He runs back to the woods where the rest of the gang is waiting and trying to figure out what to do next. Now that we know Wes is the one who killed Sam, we see how he manipulates the others into doing what he wants to do, which is burn the body. They go back to the house, applying everything they learned from Annalise and cover their tracks by rolling up the body in the rug, washing off the murder weapon and coming up with an alibi. Once in the woods, they chop the body up, put it in bags and leave it in a dumpster.

Where’s Annalise?

After leaving the house, a tearful Annalise finds herself in front of the police station. But instead of going inside, she goes to her detective boyfriend’s house. She sits on his couch and spills everything about Sam that Nate already knows. He gives her the comfort she needs as she apologizes for all the illegal things she did for her husband and for not leaving him when Nate told her to. What illegal things is she talking about? Of course we don’t find out,  but we do get another steamy session with Annalise and Nate at his house.

Afterwards, Annalise sneaks out while Nate is still sleeping. She tries to get in touch with Sam but we know he won’t pick up. So she leaves a heartfelt message on his answering machine, wanting to work things out as she stands outside their house. Our hearts broke with her because Sam was not coming back.

Bonnie and Asher Hook Up

Feeling super bummed about being fired, a semi-drunk Bonnie calls up Asher to see if his bonfire party was still going down. Obviously it was bust but he had no problem telling her to meet him at his place. Once she gets there, Bonnie knows what she wants and Asher is the only male in the room who can give it to her. I must say, it was the most awkward sex scene of the show.

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The Morning After

Wes and Rebecca spent the night at the motel room, destroying the thumb drive. Connor goes to see Oliver about to break-down. He gets a shower at his place and makes up an excuse that he was high the night before. Laurel goes to Frank to help her get the trophy back to Asher. Bonnie tells Asher that what happened last night could never happen again, before getting a tearful phone call from Annalise super worried about Sam. Bonnie tells her she would be right over. Michaela goes to see her future mother-in-law to apologize for her behavior last night as well as the signed prenup. Then everyone gets a call to Annalise’s to meet at her house stating that she had something important to talk to them about. The police have been called to their house to ask them questions about Sam, Lila and the case.

Was This All Wes’s Idea?

At the very end, we flashback to Wes at the house, standing over Sam’s body apologizing. We see he wasn’t alone. Annalise was there telling him not to be sorry. She was playing us the entire time!

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