Last week’s episode of Gossip Girl brought a little bit of Cruel Intentions to the Upper East Side.  After Vanessa dared to blackmail Blair with pictures of Marcus and Catherine, B recruited Chuck to seduce and destroy Dan’s do-gooder BFF.  Unfortunately for Blair, Chuck felt a touch of human emotion and actually tried to help V save an old building.  It may be unusual for Chuck to help others, but it’s a regular occurrence for Dan Humphrey, who offered Nate a place to stay after discovering his mansion had been seized by the police.  What will happen when word gets out that Nate is staying in (gasp!) Brooklyn?

Tonight on Gossip Girl, Willa Holland (The O.C.) stops by to encourage Jenny to defy Eleanor Waldorf.  Does Little J really need help stirring up trouble?

Spotted: Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) having very naughty dreams about Chuck Bass, and I mean VERY naughty.  How can Gossip Girl get away with a scene that alludes to both oral sex and masturbation?  I think the Parents Television Council just had a collective coronary.  After Blair’s done taking matters into her own hands, she runs into Chuck on the street.  He once again tells her that she needs to say “I love you” if she wants to get him in the sack, but the only thing she feels is loathing.

Jenny (Taylor Momsen), who has a new makeover I’m not sure I approve of, falls in lust with Nate the instant she sees him shirtless at the Humphrey loft.  When he shows up at the design studio later to drop off her sketch book, Little J’s lust morphs into a major crush.  Eleanor’s new model, Agnes, thinks that J should go after the pretty boy of her dreams.  While Jenny ponders whether Nate can ever see her as anything but a sister, Eleanor asks her to remake her stylish dress using Waldorf fabrics.  Some very important buyers are in love with Jenny’s design, and this is her chance to wow them.

Blair interrupts a friendly conversation between Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan, demanding they help her destroy Chuck Bass.  Lonely Boy advises she tell Chuck what he wants to hear, but that would give C exactly what he wants.  Instead, B decides she’s going to follow Dan’s other piece of advice, which is to stalk Chuck and make herself absolutely irresistibly to him.  She kicks off her plan by asking C out for a drink.  B tries to be sly and flirtatious at the bar, but Chuck thinks she smells like desperation.

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