Today Glenn Beck announced that he will be leaving his highly-rated FOX News program later this year. Beck will continue to work for FOX News and produce various pieces for the network, but his daily prime-time series will come to an end.

It’s truly a sad day in America, not because the nutty pundit won’t be around anymore to terrify us into hoarding gold and turnip seeds in our underground bunkers, but because Glenn Beck has become a constant source of great comedy.

As proof, I’ve collected some of my favorite Glenn Beck-inspired videos to remind you of all the joy he brought with his fear-mongering and obsessive crying jags. Chalkboards were never so frightening as when Beck stood in front of one to show his childlike connections between President Obama and the Lone Gunman, or whatever scary boogeyman he was using at the time.

First up is the single greatest Glenn Beck parody that has ever existed or will ever exist, Jon Stewart’s launch of The 11/3 Project, a counter to Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project. In this eight and a half minute clip from The Daily Show in 2009, Stewart embodies Beck’s mannerisms, speech patterns and props in what I called the seventh best episode of television from that year.

The Daily Show – The 11/3 Project
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Next, as news of Beck’s possible exit started to leak out earlier this week, Stephen Colbert decided to prepare viewers and fans for the GlennPocalypse with a pack full of all the things you’ll need to survive in a Beckless future, and now it turns out his ominous foreboding was true.

There’s also Jason Sudeikis’ spot-on portrayal on Saturday Night Live. With Beck, what’s the point of doing FOX News sketches anymore?

Finally, if you want a performance as animated as the real Glenn Beck, there’s Eric Cartman’s school news show on South Park where he took to Beck like a duck to water.

Dances With Smurfs

So farewell, Glenn Beck. Hopefully in his place, someone equally insane will take over to fill the void in the comedy world he’s leaving behind.

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