The 100th episode of Glee recently aired — a big milestone for the FOX musical. But that’s not the only Glee-related item in the news. Star Naya Rivera is responding to rumors that she’s leaving the show this year. We already know that Chris Colfer is a talented actor and writer — and he’s about to put that gift of words to further use on the show. Also in today’s Roundup, in a new interview Lea Michele has discussed whether or not Rachel and Sam are going to hook up.

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Is Naya Rivera Leaving Glee?

Glee fans have been wondering if the rumors are true that Naya Rivera will be leaving the show this year. There have been a lot of signs pointing in the direction of yes. First, back in February when filming a scene with Heather Morris (Brittany), she tweeted, “On set with Glee shooting a very sweet Brit/Santana scene! #starttogetherendtogether.” Why would you say “end together” if you weren’t leaving?

Then in an interview with MTV to promote the 100th episode, Lea Michele named off the cast members who would be in the New York storyline: “It’s just myself, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet in New York City. I think that’s everyone. … And then Amber comes in for a few episodes.” You might think that Naya’s name just slipped her mind, but she left Naya off the list in other interviews as well.

Naya herself continued the speculation in an interview with Prestige magazine, saying, “The stuff we filmed for the 100th episode brings [Santana] full circle, and I’m really comfortable with where she’s at right now.”

Fortunately, the actress is setting the record straight. “I can say that I have to go out of town tonight for a job, and I have to be back Thursday at noon to go to work on Glee,” she told TVLine.

When asked how she thought the rumors got started, she replied, “I guess Lea was doing interviews and had omitted me from the New York cast list, but I’m sure that was just a Freudian slip on her part, or maybe it wasn’t.” That last remark seems like a diss. She continued, “People just take things, little things, and blow them up.”

So the rumors can be put to rest. She will be absent from a few episodes coming up soon, but E! Online has the scoop that “major story arcs” are being planned for her. As for some of the other cast members, Lea, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are expected to remain series regulars. And there’s one actor who has been on Glee since season 1 (whose character is graduating) who won’t be a regular anymore, though we will see him or her “from time to time.”

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Chris Colfer to Write a Season 5 Episode

We’ve gotten to know and love Chris Colfer over the years for his work on Glee. But that’s not his only job. He starred in and produced a movie — Struck by Lightning — that he also wrote the screenplay for (and wrote a novel based on the film). And he’s been writing a series of fantasy novels called The Land of Stories.

Pretty soon, he can add another writing credit to his name, and this time he’s sticking to the show that made him a star when he writes an upcoming episode of Glee. TVLine reports that the producers offered him a chance to write an episode and of course he said yes.

Chris revealed some details at the recent 100th episode party. “I promise that it’s better than it sounds. I think we’re going to do something … with animals and the elderly. I kind of have this shot to do a really selfish episode, which if it was for me, I would probably have done a Miley Cyrus tribute episode. But I’m trying to do the best episode that I can, rather than do something selfish.”

“I’ve been asked in interviews if I ever wanted to write one,” Chris continued. “And I said, ‘Absolutely, not because it was not my world.’ I didn’t want to tamper with someone else’s image. Then they were like, ‘Here, come tamper.'”

It’s not just writing the script, he also will be selecting the music that’ll be featured in the episode. But don’t expect there to be a mash-up of “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Jellicle Cats,” which would be his dream pick.

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Will Samchel Ever Be a Thing?

Lea Michele also talked with reporters at the 100th episode party. And she brought up a possible hook-up between Rachel and Sam. There was supposedly some flirtation going on between the two during the Billy Joel tribute episode. “I think that kind of came and went,” Lea said. “They kind of address it briefly, but [Sam] is with Mercedes now, so mmm-hmmm.” Both Amber Riley and Chord Overstreet have been filming some New York scenes together, so it’s unlikely Samchel will be a thing — at least not anytime soon.

Is it too early for Rachel to be paired up with anybody right now? Co-creator Ian Brennan reiterated that they all want the timing to be right when that does happen. “The closest relationship on the show has been and remains Finn and Rachel, and I think that won’t change, no matter what happens,” he said. “And yeah, [a new Rachel romance] hasn’t quite felt right yet. It’s an open question as to when and how it will.”

The main reason it’s up in the air is obviously because Cory Monteith’s death “still feels raw in a lot of ways. It does for us, and it does for the viewers as well.”

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