If you’re a Spice Girls fan, listen up: Ryan Murphy teased on Twitter that at least one of their songs will be performed on Glee. He also discussed Rachel’s pregnancy, what Santana will be doing in New York, a new boyfriend for Tina and much more. Also, the song list for “Girls (and Boys) on Film” is online — find out which songs from the cinema are making their way to McKinley.

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Glee Covering the Spice Girls

If you’ve been waiting for Glee to cover the Spice Girls, then the wait is over. Ryan Murphy tweeted this week a photo of Becca Tobin, who plays Kitty, dressed as Ginger Spice in the infamous Union Jack dress, and said, “Spice up ur life.”

Glee-Kitty-spicegirls.jpgNothing’s confirmed yet on which song they’ll be performing, but according to Hollywood Life, the new female characters will be singing “Wannabe” in episode 17, “Guilty Pleasures.” It’s unknown at this point if there will be multiple Spice Girls songs in the episode or just the one.

Ryan Murphy also tweeted out three additional photos to tease what’s coming up. Here’s Rachel and Brody on stage:

Glee-Rachel-Brody-Twitter.jpgBlaine wearing a Cheerios uniform and playing the piano:

Glee-Blaine-cheerios.jpgAnd another episode of Fondue for Two with Brittany and — get this — Kitty!

Glee-BrittanyKitty-fondue.jpgRyan Murphy on Santana in NYC, Tina’s New Boyfriend and More

There are still a few months left of season 4. But Ryan Murphy has been busy planning out season 5. And just as the current season has been a change of pace with the addition of the New York storyline, next year will bring with it another new approach. He told TV Guide, “I actually have a meeting [Thursday] morning at 11 where I have to pitch out not only the end of this year but the next year. I think what I want to do — and I hope it is liked by the other people who control my paychecks — is … something that we’ve never done before. So, a different kind of storytelling — not what you would think.”

He goes on to say that he “didn’t want to do something that we’ve done every year. I wanted to do something that was a little longer, sort of novelistic in the storytelling, [with] a couple good cliff-hangers.” He’s being vague for obvious reasons, but it’s intriguing that he wants to continue changing up the show.

The previous episode of Glee left a major cliffhanger, showing Rachel taking a pregnancy test. What will that mean for her going forward? “For me, I was really interested in that idea of the single girl in New York trying to figure it out,” Murphy said. “And I wanted something that would jolt her, good or bad, back to her core. She and Santana have a really big story about that where Santana is like, ‘What the hell happened to you?’ … Santana’s job is to sort of get her back on the right track.” With the two being roomies now, it looks like we know what Santana’s role will be on the show, at least for a little while until it turns out Rachel’s not really pregnant — I know I’m not the only one thinking that’s how this will play out.

Speaking of Santana, the writers could just take the easy route and have her join Rachel and Kurt at NYADA. But that’s not the plan for her. Murphy said, “I think she’s going to try to be a star in a different way. I don’t see her as a NYADA gal, but I do see her being a star. I think she’s much rougher and more facile than the others, but she will do very well there.” Any thoughts on what she’ll do to become a star?

Back at McKinley High, Tina has been stuck with a crummy storyline lately — trying to hook up with Blaine. Fortunately, things will start to change on this front. “[Blaine’s] going to help her find a boyfriend. We haven’t really gotten into that storyline yet, but it’s sort of gone away from Tina literally straddling Blaine.” I’m fine with the two still being close friends and him helping her find a boyfriend, as long as we don’t have to see Tina go to desperate extremes for a guy (especially one who’s gay).

When Mr. Schue headed to Washington, D.C., he left Finn in charge of the Glee Club. But a similar situation will arise and he’ll need another sub. Chord Overstreet teases, “[Sam and Blaine] take over the glee club and start teaching because Mr. Schue goes out with the flu. We kind of take a week to just have fun.” Whenever this happens, I could see some of the members of New Directions going along with it and having fun, and others not liking what Sam and Blaine are doing with their new power.

“Girls (and Boys) on Film” Song List

Glee has been in the middle of a brief hiatus, but when the show returns March 7, expect to see the following eight songs being performed:

“Come What May” — from Moulin Rouge
“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl” — from¬†Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/Madonna
“Footloose” — from Footloose
“You’re All the World to Me” — from Royal Wedding
“In Your Eyes” — from Say Anything
“Shout” ¬†— from Animal House
“Unchained Melody” — from Ghost
“Old Time Rock and Roll/Danger Zone” — from Risky Business/Top Gun

As BuddyTV recently reported on, the song from Animal House, “Shout,” will be Glee‘s 500th musical performance.

Are you excited for a Spice Girls song? What will Santana do in New York to become a star? And will Tina’s new boyfriend be a student we already know or someone new?

Glee returns March 7 at a special time, 9:30pm following an extended American Idol results show, on FOX.

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