Glee finally returned to the airwaves last week with not only the expected proposal by Will to Emma, but the shocking proposal that ended the episode. Now it’s time to take a break from our regularly scheduled storylines to bring you another tribute episode.

The much-anticipated Michael Jackson tribute will air next Tuesday. So since we have break from Glee┬áthis week, let’s get the excitement started with some teasers. We know that there will be 10 songs performed throughout the episode, which is expected to run a little over its hour-long timeslot. We’ve already had the chance to listen to Quinn cover “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Now how about two more to whet your appetite? Here’s a first listen at “Wanna Be Starting Something” and “Bad,” both fabulous Michael Jackson hits.

“Wanna Be Starting Something” – Blaine

“Bad” – Warblers and New Directions

I don’t know about you, but Michael Jackson is one my favorite artists of all time, so I’m beyond excited for this episode. As we all know by now, tribute episodes can be hit or miss on Glee. “The Power of Madonna” received mixed reviews, though it turned out to be one of my favorite episodes. “Britney/Brittany” was widely panned by fans and critics alike as pretty much an episode full of music videos.

Where on this line will “Michael” end up at? As I mentioned, 10 songs will be featured, so I doubt there’s going to be much plot going on. But since it’s the music of Michael Jackson, will I let it slide just this once? We’ll see.

According to FOX, here’s what the episode’s about: “New Directions battles the Dalton Warblers and their devious new leader for the right to perform a Michael Jackson song at Regionals; Rachel struggles with a weighty decision.” Well, now we know what Rachel’s weighty decision will be after last week’s shocker.

Now that we’ve heard a few songs from “Michael,” are you getting more excited for this tribute episode? Or are you ready for it to be over already? And what about the Saturday Night Fever tribute coming up in April?

Glee returns January 31 with “Michael” at 8pm on FOX.

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