Just when you thought Glee‘s over for the season, it isn’t.

If you’re already missing those kids at New Directions, then set your calendars for August, when a prequel novel will be released.

Yes, a prequel novel. I wonder if there’ll be lyrics there?

Entertainment Weekly reports that Little, Brown Books — you might know them as the folks who published the Twilight series — have struck a deal with Fox to publish a line of official Glee-related books There’s no word on what many of these are, but it is confirmed that a novel detailing events before the pilot episode, Glee: The Beginning, will hit shelves in August.

And that book will also have a double-sided poster. Something extra to post on your walls, really.

Would you buy the Glee prequel novel? Wouldn’t it feel really weird, reading without the singing? Unless there’s a part that’ll go “sing Aerosmith here”…

(Image courtesy of Fox)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV