The double wedding of Brittana and Klaine is now behind us, so what are our favorite Glee characters going to do leading up to Sectionals? The newlyweds are most likely on their honeymoons, as we don’t see them in any of the episode photos. So with the focus back on New Directions, it looks like they’ll be performing at a Bar Mitzvah.

“Child Star” will see New Directions being hired by a “high strung, demanding” boy to perform at his Bar Mitzvah. There will be lots of practicing and rehearsals — well, maybe not a lot, since these kids always seem to whip out performances left and right like it’s no big deal. Elsewhere, Spencer will be helping Roderick to lose weight. That seems like a random storyline, but since Spencer is an athlete, I guess he’s the best person to help.

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There will be six performances in the episode. Here is the song list for “Child Star”: Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath,” The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love,” Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” Ariana Grande featuring Zedd’s “Break Free” and Echosmith’s “Cool Kids.”

As you can see, they’ve got an amazing lineup of songs. I’ve been waiting for Glee to cover “Uptown Funk” as it’s one of my favorite songs right now. And after “Problem” was performed in the premiere, I’m looking forward to another Ariana Grande number. Glee has covered Queen before, so it’s great to see another song from their catalog being sung on the FOX musical.

There will be a performance by Myron, the boy who wants New Directions to perform at his Bar Mitzvah. And if you couldn’t tell already, New Directions is at the center of all but one of the songs this time around, after recent episodes have been heavy on the alumni. Both Spencer and Mason get solos, and there are some group performances as well, including one that has New Directions teaming up with Myron, Rachel, Sam, Sheldon, Sue and Will.

Listen to all the songs below:

“Lose My Breath” — Myron

“Friday I’m in Love” — Spencer

“I Want to Break Free” — Mason

“Uptown Funk” — New Directions

“Break Free” — Myron, Rachel, Sam, Sheldon, Sue, Will and New Directions

“Cool Kids” — New Directions

Which Glee cover from “Child Star” is your favorite? Are you glad the newbies are featured a lot more in this episode? And what do you think of Myron’s voice?

Glee airs Fridays at 9pm on FOX.

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