Prison Break season 3 production is well under way in Dallas, Texas and producer Brett Ratner, whose Rush Hour 3 is currently tearing up the box office, stopped by the set recently.  His impression?  He likes what he sees.  Prison Break surprised fans in its second season by taking a radical and successful new direction with its narrative.  The scope of season 3’s plot is an unknown.  We know agents of The Company are watching Michael with keen interest, and that he is once again in prison, but where Season one was the tough prison drama, season two the fugitives trying to clear their names, what will the theme of Season 3 be?

According to Ratner’s statements to, Prison Break‘s 3rd season will be a mix of season one and season two. “I just came from Dallas. I was on the set of Prison Break. I think this is by far the best season yet. It’s a hybrid of the first season, as Michael Scofield’s back in jail. The second season was so great because it became like The Great Escape. This is a hybrid of both those seasons. It’s combination of a prison movie and an escape movie” Ratner said.

So far the scant details of Prison Break‘s 3rd season have intrigued and excited fans who are waiting patiently for Prison Break’s return next month.  Already, it is clear to see that Prison Break‘s policy of expect the unexpected is going to be alive and well.

As the premiere approaches, the streams of information have run dry as the production locks down to prepare for next months blitz of hype leading up to the premiere.  One factor that has been confirmed is that Michael’s stay in the Panamanian prison will be a long one.  Prison Break returns September 17th.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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